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Showing Up Where the Lord Is

When we know what the Soul is, there is a level of who we are that does not like being in this world. Why do we have to be here? To complete and get on with what is next for us.  How would you know you are complete?  You would be at peace with all creation, particularly yours.  You wouldn’t hold it against yourself or judge it. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John Morton gave on February 9, 2022.

We are working our karma in mundane levels, and some of those are inward.  Not all of it is in the world. That’s physically, emotionally, mentally – all those levels.  Of course, go for some great spiritual awareness and experiences inwardly.  How wonderful it is on other levels of consciousness where you also are, or you visit in some way.  That is what Travelers do with their initiates.  They take them traveling.  That is progressing.  Go ahead and claim that at the level of your heart.  You can have the experience that things are better than ever at the level of your heart.  The spiritual heart?  Sure, of course.  Claim it.

John-Roger called it “Soul Realm Mockup.”  You imagine what it would be like.  Your imagination has no limit.  As good as you can imagine it, consider it can be better.  As soon as you let go of limitation in your imagination, at some point you would have something that is no longer your imagination.  You know it.  You would know it such that it would take your breath away.  You would say, “Oh my God!”

Then, you are back in your body going, “I saw something, I really saw it! How can I get back there?”  Do something like what you just did.  What was that?  Claiming it and using your imagination as a transport mechanism.

Some people tell me, “I don’t have an imagination.  I didn’t get issued one.”  Okay, but use it anyway.  If it comes up blank, give yourself a chance.  Do something concrete where you try to write it down or draw it.  Even if you draw it like when you were three or four years old.  Get in there where you are really open to explore it.  If you get to a place where you are discouraged, knock that off.  It is not meant to discourage you or for you to feel like, “I can’t do this. I’m not qualified or worthy.  I’m not chosen.”

Forget about all that kind of stuff.  Exercise your God nature.  Is that anything like spiritual exercise?  Yes, of course.  It’s another way of getting at it.  You allow yourself to come into the consciousness of Soul.  Just say, “Traveler!”  What comes after that is something like, “Work with me,” or “I’m open, here, and available.”

It’s more of an intention than a formula.  Chant the names that are spiritually charged so that when you do your part, something more can be done than what you are doing. There is no limit on that.  It’s worth it.

One of the things that is allowed is for you to have inner experiences you do not remember.  Consider that could be vast because you kept doing that.  It’s way beyond what you could fathom or bring back, but it is going on.  If you can make room for that, choose that, then choose to go ahead and have the inner experience with the Traveler, even if you don’t remember it.  Allow yourself to have the experience.  Get the value of the experience even if you don’t remember.  Go for it.  See what shows up.

Let your mind be open.  That’s not necessarily easy.  Our mind is used to being very specific in its limited way.  Allow your mind to be relaxed so it is not trying to run things.  One way to do that is to let what comes into your mind come in, but not focus on what that is.  Keep your focus on what you are looking for, what your Soul consciousness would bring to your awareness.  Even those words are limiting, so how do you learn to do that?  Don’t talk about it.  Practice it.

When we get into practicing, it’s uplifting every time.  It can be so uplifting you aren’t physically in it.  When you come back into the body, there is an awareness.  You know you went somewhere really good, and you feel better.  You got a clearing, balancing, healing, and some joy.  That is the soul’s energy field.  It’s not a disappointing, negative energy field. It’s always something like, “That’s lovely.  Oh, that is beautiful!”

What is the price we pay?  Clearing karma.  There is still that to do.  It is helpful for you to have less karma with the psychic-material worlds while you are in the body.  You want to keep that moving.

When we know what the Soul is, there is a level of who we are that does not like being in this world.  Why do we have to be here?  To complete and get on with what is next for us.  How would you know you are complete?  You would be at peace with all creation, particularly yours.  You wouldn’t hold it against yourself or judge it.  You wouldn’t carry it forward as something you have to do in the law of reversibility to balance out that karma.  You would let grace complete it.

I’d give it to the Christ, and I’d go free.  Don’t put a measure on that gift.  Just give it up and let it go.  Along the way, you needed to learn something.  You wouldn’t have done that mistake or transgression, and you need to balance that so you wouldn’t do it again.  Let it go so you are in balance with it.  You learned what you needed to learn.  That’s enough.  Then best part of it is to forget about it.

If you don’t remember things in your past existence that you don’t need to remember, that’s in your favor.  If you get to a place where you are unhappy, disturbed, and “mad as hell and can’t take it anymore,” thinking “Get me out of here or else!” you have to clear that.  You need to enter into a state of openness, so your innocence and vulnerability is back.  You come as you are.

You may feel, “I’m inadequate and I don’t deserve this.”  Just come anyway.  Show up at the place where the Lord is and be willing to look at the Lord face-on.  There are millions or zillions of souls doing this.  How could someone possibly get right up and be the closest one to the Lord?  How is that even possible?  Because that is where you want to be.  All souls want to be there.  They all can because there is room.  That is part of God’s miracle.

We can each have that oneness where “The Lord and I are one.”  We are one in the beauty of what that is.  We do it in the way that it is individualized in our Soul consciousness.  You do it as you.  You do the Christ as you.  Everybody has that opportunity.  There is no conflict there.

It’s not like there is only one “king of the mountain.”  We could all be at the peak, the place of the highest consciousness.  The mind will protest and tell you it doesn’t work like that.  But in spirit, it works like that.  Let go of how it is in the world because you are not long for this world.  There is a truth, even in this lifetime, that we are not long for this world.  When we get above it and see what it is, this lifetime is like a blink.  What did you do with that blink?  Blink again and go higher.  Blink again and we are with God.

You are with God and it’s immediate.  You are learning how to let the mind leave you alone when you go.  It’s not that the mind can bind you, but it does when we are subservient to it.  If your mind is kind of running your life, run it for your good. Get the mind to be your servant.

Take some of the things you have been doing, those habitual ways of making a mess, and clear that up.  This world is a place of messes.  You are probably going to make a mess again, so clean it up.  Then keep it up.  Keep it clean.  Make only messes you can clean up today.  Then, if you don’t quite make it, bring it to the Christ within and see that the Christ will take it from you, and you go free.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Courage to Walk with the Lord

Lord God, we come before You,
blessed in Your presence and the joy of who You are
and who we are together in fellowship.
We ask that You touch each one of us now personally.
Bless every part of us.
Let us experience Your touch and the loving of who You are
in the depth of our being into every cell.

Lord, we give You permission and we invite You
into all aspects of our life,
knowing that where You go,
you bring the Holy Presence that is the sanctity and the purity.
We let go, and we release all that is past now.
We come forth with You to do what You do,
follow in Your way,
and walk with You stride for stride.

Give us Your courage, the depth of Your knowing,
that we may too, have the courage in the face of all that meets us,
knowing that Your will is done, as God’s will is done.
May we align with Your will, Lord, to do the blessings of the Christ.

We are grateful that You bequest us with a comforter
that is the Holy Spirit.
Now we come to the oneness of that companion.
The Holy Spirit is what we breathe and what we do in all of our ways.
Extend this blessing, dear Lord,
to all those who are open across the planet.
May all bear the Light and sanctify the place
where they may find themselves.
We give the prayers of the heart up to You, Lord,
knowing that You know no burden.

All is welcomed. All is forgiven.
In Your grace we ask that this extend
to those who are in ignorance and in darkness,
those who have forgotten themselves
in their fears, judgments, and the pains of their existence.
May we comfort them in the Spirit and soothe them in their troubles.
May we be part of that blessing that comes forth through Spirit
from the invisible into the visible – in the worlds beyond that is God,
this world, and all the universes.
We do this by our faith and trust in You.

We know we are upon a time where we are not to tarry,
to look back, to cast our vision on what is forsaken.
We are in a time to go forth serving all,
loving all until that day
when we know ourselves in Your face.

Baruch Bashan

Note: The above blessing is one of many found in John’s expanded first print edition of his book, Blessings Here and Now, and is available at

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  1. Iwuoha Patience

    Thanks dear Travelers for all the loving and blessings. I want to say that I am open to receive and I am grateful for all the blessings and loving.

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