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Madonna Smyth and Tom Smyth

A Gift from the Heart: What Does Commitment Look Like?

Editor’s Note:  Tom Smyth, beloved long-time MSIA minister, initiate and MSIA Rep in the Colorado MSIA community, passed unexpectedly into Spirit on March 3rd, 2022. He passed doing what he loved — skiing — in a beautiful, heavenly spot. 

Madonna, Tom’s wife, wanted to share with all of us these words of wisdom Tom wrote years ago. 

Sometime in the future when things aren’t quite right and some of the pizzazz seems to be gone from your life, right then is the time to recommit to whatever it is you are doing.

Remember what commitment felt like?  Being crystal clear about what you wanted to do.  Being on contract.  Willing to do whatever it took.  Not having a clue how it would work out, just knowing that it would.  Actually being the solution, not part of the problem.  Never saying “But,” just sticking a foot forward until you got where you were going.

You had a strength that never faltered, a faith that was overpowering.  Your stories and considerations could never stop you.  You were creative, ingenious, timely, laser-like, excited, successful.  You got results.  You were willing to put your own ass on the line, you made winners out of losers.  Solutions gravitated to you, you were that powerful.  You created Miracles in your own life, Miracles for others.

Through all this, you experienced your own greatness, your own purpose, your own worth.  And from this comes Satisfaction, from this comes Peace that endures.

Given all this, why would you choose to be anything less?  Re-commit to Life at its fullest, experience the greatness that is you, the greatness in others.  It works.

Tom Smyth


God bless Tom’s Soul in God’s Heart, and Light to his wife Madonna and all who love Tom and miss his physical presence. 

We love you Tom and Madonna!

7 thoughts on “A Gift from the Heart: What Does Commitment Look Like?”

  1. God bless our beloved Tom, still bringing light and expansion to us all through his wisdom as a spiritual scientist. Thank you. Light and loving to you, dear Madonna.

  2. Practical spirituality at its best, a jolting reminder to be the very best version of ourselves, at any age.

    LL, Rinaldo

  3. God bless you, Tom and Madonna. This is such a sweet and powerful message for all of you. Light to you, beloved Madonna.

  4. Merlene Bukovich

    God bless you beloved Madonna and much Loving, Light, and Sound to Tom. I love you and I am grateful for who you are.
    Tenderly, Merlene

  5. Thank-you Madonna for sharing this. I remember Tom and his abundant joy and can do attitude .God Bless you Madonna!
    Diane Botticelli

  6. Dear Madonna,
    We miss Tom and just love this writing that you shared with us. So inspired; so true; and so needed in this time. He was a gift to so many of us and I am so grateful to have known him.
    Blessings, Light and Love to you and all your family.
    Philip Barr

  7. Thank you for publishing this, and beloved Madonna for sharing Tom’s “can do” magnificence with us all. I am honored to have known him. Madonna, I love you. God Bless you, your family and Tom’s beautiful soul Light.

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