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Ask John-Roger: Handling Negativity, More Peace and Calm, Weight of the World, Clearing Anger and More

This Q&A with John-Roger was originally published in the New Day Herald in May, 1992.

Q:   It seems that over these past few months, there have been many challenges, more to do and less time—or at least a faster pace—and a lot of “negativity” to deal with. So I’m learning that I don’t have to get negative about the negativity.

J-R:   Almost everyone I know has been experiencing something similar to what you’re describing.

Q:    I don’t always like my attitude or the way I’m handling things, like when I go into doubt or fear or upset because the world isn’t doing everything “my way.” It seems like a time to do more Spiritual Exercises and just hang in there.

J-R:  Are there other choices?

Q:    I notice that there are certain places in which I feel very peaceful and calm and relaxed, even if that’s not how I felt when I first got there. But I’ve heard that I shouldn’t need an outer reference point for feeling calm and peaceful, that I should be able to create that from inside myself no matter where I am. Am I doing something wrong?

J-R:  You may be particularly sensitive to the energy around you, which may mean that when you are in an area full of a lot of different people’s thoughts and emotions, you are aware of them on some level and they may be disturbing to you. When you are in an area that is full of devic energy, or perhaps where people have done spiritual exercises, you may feel more at peace because there is less disturbance in the energy field of that area.

One thing you can do is to start anchoring your experience of the calm places into your consciousness. One way to do that is to create a signal to yourself while you are feeling the peace and calm. You might touch certain fingers together, or tap a place on your arm, or whatever is simple and easy for you to do. Then when you are in an area of greater turmoil and confusion, you can use your signal to activate the memory of the calm. This may take repetition and practice, but it can be helpful.

You can always call in the Light wherever you are, and place Light columns for the highest good. You may be in a process of strengthening your consciousness so that you can hold a place of peace and Light regardless of what is going on around you. And it may sometimes be best for you to remove yourself physically from an area where the energy is too disturbing to you. You will usually know what is right for you.

Q:   I’m in a bit of a rut in my life. Nothing is wrong. I just don’t think I’m going anywhere, and I’m not sure what to do to make changes. Do you have any suggestions?

J-R:  Everyone has the ability to look at their history and foretell their future—unless you enter into a transfiguration, and that really means to change. The outward changes are often a reflection or by-product of having changed the inner things or the spiritual reality, which can be very difficult unless you can grab ahold of that which has Spirit in it. It may be that you just start participating more fully with what’s there in your life. There’s an implicit challenge in that. You must replace the fear inside of you with this transfiguring energy. Start creating that as your reference point.

You can do that by transposing the negative images in your mind. Far too often, people transfigure into negative fantasies instead of into positive upliftment. If you do that often enough, it becomes a habit and you can end up feeling like a victim. You are the one who created it, however. Then you have to climb the mountain of your own transfiguration.

That can be very hard because there’s no one outside of you who can really tell you what you have to overcome and how to approach it. You’ll undoubtedly stumble and fall inside many times. But at the same time, when you get to the place that’s stable, the trip will have been worthwhile.

Q:   A lot of people seem to go through life carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, including a lot of emotional baggage. Do you have any tips on how to let go of the pain of the past and get on with life?

J-R:  Learn from it. Once we learn, we change our behavior. When we change our behavior, that shows that we have learned and the changed behavior opens new avenues for expression. And I’m not serious about life. I think life is funny. But I’m sincere about life: live it, do the best you can. The seriousness of it is the worry, the despair. That doesn’t change anything. If it did, this planet would be a utopia.

Q:   Why is there air?

J-R:  For the Spirit to be breathed into our body and for sustained life in the physical.

Q:   I am an initiate who is currently feeling a lot of anger. How do I get this out of my system without creating karma?

J-R:  One thing to realize is that anger is a form of energy. There are many ways that you can clear this from your system without hurting yourself or others. Free-form writing, physical movement or exercise and, before you go to sleep at night, asking that this pattern be cleared in the dream state for the highest good are a few things that can assist you in clearing the anger and hurt from your consciousness.


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  1. Perfect inspiring words arrived just when I’d come out of my clearing meditation as it resonated with me, especially the suggestions on how to anchor the release of the disturbance , however or whoever, or whatever caused it and to bring back the, tranquility, peace and loving, that I am capable of exuding towards others and that I’m able to recieve.this from others , and that this includes receiving it too from myself!

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