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The Cosmic Self

It is our destiny this time on the planet to lift the consciousness of the world, to actually prepare for the golden age.  And those of us in this Movement are that golden bridge that takes us from the consciousness of yesterday to the consciousness of tomorrow.  – John-Roger

This article was first published in On the Light Side, December 1971.

I was introspecting over the words that Jesus said when he was getting ready to leave his twelve disciples.  He said to John, the Beloved, as he had said to the others, “I’m going to prepare a place for you, but you can’t go there now” (John 14:2).  This was very interesting because they had followed him almost everywhere prior to that moment.  And I remembered that it was brought forward last year in the Christmas Eve Meditation that Jesus said, “I am the Son of Man,” (John 8:28) he was really saying, “I am the Self of Man.” And the Self of man is really the Christ and the Christ action.

There is nothing quite so precious as your Self.  The cosmic Self or the Christ Self is in contact with all knowledge.  It is in contact with all universal wisdom, but more important, it’s in contact with God.  And through this consciousness of our own Self we can rise up so high that we will seem large physically.  We can lift ourselves so dynamically that we will give the appearance of filling the room with our presence.  And yet, we know that we can’t inflict it on one other Christ Consciousness.  As we look at each person we can see their beauty and their love.  We can see their Light.  We can adore them for the Christ that they are and assist them, if it’s for their highest good, to lift into all consciousness that are theirs.

God didn’t put us on this planet to be beggars.  He put us here and said, “You are the princes of the throne and you are heirs to all powers, municipalities and kingdoms.  I will give you the Light.  I will sustain you infinitely and all you have to do is come back to me.”  But we’ve heard the old saying – straight is the way and narrow is the gate, and a few can really enter in, only because they refuse to.  Your Christ Consciousness will bring you into position where you can enter in, if you desire to.  It will bring you into position where you can readily enter into your own Self awareness, into your own movement of spiritual inner awareness.  It will bring you to the point at which you become the Messiah, the promised one.  You become the Alpha, the Omega; you become from everlasting to everlasting because you already are.  That is, to me, the greatest heritage of the Christ Mass or Christmas as we celebrate it.  We’re actually celebrating our own birth.  We’re celebrating our own resurrection.  We’re celebrating triumphantly our movement back into our own Self of Christ Consciousness.  In fact, many of us are just rushing into it, arms open, heart wide open, full of love and knowing that not one thing is coming our way that we can’t handle.

If things have seemed rough for you in the last year, we were just ripping away the barriers of our own Self because once you see your own Soul, once you can glimpse that Self within you in all it’s majesty and glory, oh, my friends, nothing the world can give you is going to mean too much from that point on.  Someone may give you a new house, a new Cadillac, furs, jewelry and a lot of money, and you’ll say, “Yes, all right, okay, now let’s get going.  I want to get back to the Self.”  It would be like a little child giving an adult a mud pie.  You’d say, “Yes, yes, very nice – now let’s go on.”

That’s the way these material things will look to you, and yet, we’re in the flesh and this is where we’re going to work out most of our karma.  A good percentage we’ll work out here, and we’ll work out the other during the night watch in the negative or psychic worlds.  You can feel yourself lifting only if you don’t get hung up on the physical world.  But don’t escape it.  Don’t do anything to escape the world.  So many people now are running so fast to get away from themselves, and yet, we have to come back to the Self; we have to come back to it in a natural, orderly way.  We have to come back and say, “Here I am, Lord, the heir to the throne and the prince of all time.”

Just realize for a moment that you are the heir.  Nothing can be denied you.  Of course, you have to work off the things you’ve earned but when you’ve worked them off, you will find out that you may order the universes of Light and they will bow down to you.  These angels of the highest realms of Light will minister to you when you realize that you are Christed, when you realize that your Self is divine, is eternal from everlasting to everlasting.

It’s so beautiful that the Light has brought us together, every level of society, all races, all religions.  The Light does not care what racial heritage you’re working this time.  It doesn’t care if you are a banker, a robber, a housewife, a dentist.  It doesn’t care.  It just wants to worship with you, your own divine Self.  So you ask for the Light to move in with you and it does – so joyfully that you can be lifted up.  But it knows that it’s loyalty is always to the supreme God, that one who must remain nameless.  We, consciously, may sometimes say, “Maybe my loyalty is to my bank book or to my job”, and while we get hung up on those things, the Light is busy showing us that we must continue towards God.

We’ve asked many times, “How do we get to God?  How are we going to get there?”  We get there by overcoming our conscious self in the mind, and stepping into our Christ consciousness, which is the Soul, our True Self.  And the True Self can be recognized by these attributes – love, charity and wisdom.  We all exercise love when we get something we want, but can we still exercise that love when we don’t get something we want?  Can we assist other people without inflicting ourself upon them?  Can we lovingly help them through things without taking it away from them?

One of the biggest things that I have to work with in my consciousness is that I see you manifesting so much beautiful Light that I want to move in with you and make it all perfect.  I could; that would be the easiest thing in the world to do.  But the hardest thing is to stand back and love you and let you go through it.  Your agony is my agony because I sense it so intently with you, and yet the love you give me is the love that sustains me to give love back to you.

There’s an old saying through the line of Mystical Travelers – if you love the Master, he’s always with you.  And if you don’t love the Master, he’s always with you, but you might not know it.  It’s the same thing with the Christ Consciousness.  When we love it intently, it’s with us, but even when we don’t love it and even if we curse it, it’s still with us, but we might not know it.

The preceptor comes forward to tell you of the other realms of consciousness and to say, “Look, we can all go and we can go now, but to go high we must be freed from all the chains that bind and confine us here on the planet.”  So we very joyfully unshackle ourselves and then we learn to use the wisdoms to step forward in those areas that are for our highest good.  Sometimes your highest good may be a little bit different than you think it should be.  I think some of you have found this out.  You ask for the highest good and something happens and you say, “That doesn’t feel too good.”  And yet, you look back and say, “I’m so glad that I went through that.  That taught me a tremendous lesson; a tremendous experience came forward.”

Everywhere you go is sacred ground and every person you touch is a sacred person and each consciousness is to be respected and all the hurts, the headaches and the sorrows can be turned over to the Inner Master and there they will be dissolved through the Holy Spirit.  When I say, “Come, let’s go to this place that has been prepared,” we can then lay aside the material, those things that will perish, and step into the invisible or the spiritual and be with that which never perishes.  Step from the consciousness that we call the physical into the consciousness that we call the spiritual, where we know that nothing can separate us, where nothing can stand in our way and though the gates of hell would prevail against us, we’ll just place the Light there.

It is our destiny this time on the planet to lift the consciousness of the world, to actually prepare for the golden age.  And those of us in this Movement are that golden bridge that takes us from the consciousness of yesterday to the consciousness of tomorrow.  And we’ll walk back and forth on the bridge many times taking the Light of tomorrow.  And we’ll walk back and forth on that bridge many times taking the Light to the people of yesterday and walking them across that golden bridge of promise to the consciousness of tomorrow.  We’ll show them the way.  We will be Light bearers because the spiritual Light is seen with the unseeing eyes and the spiritual sound is heard with the unhearing ears.

There is only one truth that we repeat over and over, and that is that you and I are one and that I am always with you, as you are always with me.  Knowing that, I never walk alone, and neither do you.  When you falter a little bit, there will be a Light bearer there to steady you, not to take a step for you – they won’t do that, but they’ll steady you so that you can take your next step.  And so we support every action, no matter what it is.  And we do love each and every person, no matter who they are, no matter what they say, no matter what they do, no matter.  We look through the eyes of the Master at all, and with adoration we love them just as little children because we are all children of God.

And when we become that One with the Christ Consciousness then we become the only begotten and we become that One in the great ocean of love and mercy.  So this year, if you will, just take love and charity and the wisdom to use these where ever you go.  Let people come to you to be lifted.  They’ll search you out.  Give people the chance to come to you.  Don’t hold yourself off in an ivory tower.  You may say nothing about the Light, but by being full of love and charity and wisdom, they’ll get the message.

God bless each of us, and if I could wish one thing and see that it came true, I would wish that we all keep facing the Light because that way we don’t see the shadows and it’s only shadows that frighten us.  If you do turn from the Light and see the shadows, don’t become afraid because all you have to do is turn back to the Light and the shadows run away.

I am always with you.


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