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Walking and Zooming in the Light

My first time learning Walking in the Light was at Conference in 2001. It was also my first Conference, and the whole beautiful experience was wrapped up in newness and excitement. My most recent time learning Walking in Light was this past Easter weekend on Zoom, and it too was filled with newness and a familiar yet quieter excitement. From Prana, the Home of the Traveler and with my spiritual family shining through my screen, I discovered and learned once again the grace, power, and joy of Walking in the Light.

I remember in 2001 sitting chair-to-chair with hundreds of people at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, so close that when we stood to practice our processes, we brushed shoulders and fingertips. I also remember how overwhelming and definitely not ordinary each process seemed to me. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. How could all these people understand these instructions? How could they see what the Travelers told us to visualize? How did they hear these sounds inside that were hard to pronounce, even in the silence within? I felt so grateful every time a participant stood up and asked a question. Each heartfelt inquiry helped me in my learning process and reassured me I was doing fine.

I remember being in awe trying to follow along with John-Roger and John Morton from the stage. They seemed so comfortable, were so encouraging and supportive, patiently giving us step-by-step explanations and demonstrations. They both seemed completely at home with each process, as if Walking in the Light was something handed to them simply and clearly, something easy to understand and practice. I am still in awe of the miraculous teachings our Travelers have brought forth and the generous ways they continue to encourage us to learn and grow in our spiritual hearts.

I’ve taken Walking in the Light in-person a few times and assisted in the workshop a few times as well, most recently in Miami in January of 2020. This time on Zoom, as I practiced along with John’s gentle, clear guidance up close and personal through my screen, the exercises resonated within me. I felt delightfully surprised how much they had become integrated in many ways while some remained awkward, elusive, and seemingly still new at times.

Through the years, some processes have become rather natural for me, even fun in how they come forward easily and feel so good inside, like I’m playing in and with God’s light. I love how the processes work for me in preparing for the day ahead, clearing and letting go of my worries and concerns, and helping me remember who I truly am as the Beloved of God, inspired, protected, and comforted by the Christ.

Then there are those processes that prompt me still today to open the super-helpful workshop handbook with all the colorful diagrams and instructions and ask, “Exactly what is it I am supposed to do?” Then after reviewing what I have studied hundreds of times, probably thousands when you consider my years of practice, I find myself saying, “All of that at the same time? Really?”

This time, as I stood in front of my laptop, following along with John, his sweet steady presence so welcoming from Prana, I realized more than ever how Walking in the Light is an allowing process more than a doing one. As I recognized the exercises, feeling quite proud of myself when I remembered any part properly, I realized they were inside me already all along. It’s not just because the Light is inside me all the time. That much I do know by now, thank goodness. It’s because I actually had learned from all my attempts at practicing regardless of how much, how frequently, or how well (or not so well) I did them. I had chosen all these years to allow myself, as best I could, to Walk in the Light, to tune into that infinite source inside that knows all of these exercises perfectly and is just waiting patiently for me to turn my attention and intention there.

As before, I welcomed the questions asked by my fellow workshop participants, everyone’s tender honesty and openness to learning and growing, to getting better and better so we can become ever-greater disciples Walking in the Light. It warmed my heart to hear the determination and devotion, my spiritual family’s hearts’ desires resonating with my own. I felt such closeness and oneness whether I followed along with someone asking from Prana or from somewhere across the lands and seas. We all are Walking in the Light wherever are, together in our heart of hearts.

Many times during in-person Walking in the Light Workshops, I wanted to press an imaginary “Pause” button and then click “Rewind” to go over what seemed elusive to me. I felt that same urge again in the workshop via Zoom. I know I still need and want that loving, guided practice again and again.

When I heard there may be a “Self-Paced” Walking in the Light Workshop available sometime in the near future, my heart leapt with joy. What a blessing that would be to have my own personal Traveler trainers here with me, helping me get better and better with my Walking in the Light skills! Just the thought I might actually be able to have those divine companions guide me at my own pace makes me smile and breathe with a sigh of relief and welcome reassurance.

What was new this time and fit perfectly in my first Walking in the Light on-line experience was being able to have Communion as our conclusion for the workshop on Easter Sunday. Although I’ve participated in Communion in-person and on-line at Living in Grace, this was my first time for Communion after Walking in the Light and on Easter Sunday and, on top of that, during Passover. It was also the first time I experienced Communion from Prana, to have Communion in my physical home while connecting to the Christ in the Home of the Travelers. The Communion experience, with John’s loving gaze on us all, left me feeling deeply moved and powerfully aligned with the sacred, holy essence of Communion, that sweet anchoring reminder of who I am as the Christ Walking in the Light.

As I’ve practiced Walking in the Light all these years, I’ve often envisioned my spiritual family right here with me. I always found much comfort in remembering the shared confusion, laughter, and gratitude from learning together whether it was in Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Monica, or Miami. Since Zooming in the Light, I now pull up those sweet memories along with the precious on-screen images of hundreds of shining loving faces, my fellow souls all Walking in the Light together around the world, learning and growing in true oneness.

May we all bring our divine light into the world more fully and joyfully than ever before.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Terilee, thank you for this beautiful sharing. Much of it resonates with me, and I am deeply grateful for our sharing of Walking in the Light. Blessings to you.

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