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Finding Advantage in Adversity: 2020 and Beyond

MSIA Presidency Update – May 2022

One of the advantages that came out of the adversities of 2020 was an opportunity to look more creatively at the content we produce and the experiences we offer through MSIA and PTS.

We have had traditionally a few key product types—video-of-month type content, audio seminars, SATs, and compilations of excerpts—that have always been great resources but have somewhat limited how broadly and deeply we could mine the treasure trove of our Traveler media archives.

In truth, we have an astounding library of recorded media, a multitude of approved scripts, and a geographically dispersed and global community that has become more and more accustomed to the technologies and methods of distance learning. We also have a mix of individuals with varying levels of exposure to John-Roger and to this work. This means we have a lot of John-Roger content in the archives but not always the context to effectively introduce it to people who would not have met him physically.

Seeing the “writing on wall” that change is on the horizon, we put together a mastermind group with PTS, NOW, and MSIA Connect representatives and began to innovate. So far, we have been able to develop three new product types:

Guided Self-Paced Classes – These classes are fully built learning journeys filled with rich, immersive content and exercises. For example, we recently released The Tao of Spirit. It’s probably the highest technical production quality offering we have ever released and is specifically designed for the public. Even for this type of individual study model, we do see connection as essential and have incorporated live Zoom touchpoints for active students.

Hybrid Classes – These are classes that combine both a live and self-paced model. Students get the benefit of a curated content journey and the ongoing engagement of recurring live Zoom workshops. In fact, we started one recently with Paul Kaye—The Mystic Self—that explores the mystical consciousness in all of us.

Workshop Experiences – We wanted to give the opportunity to experience the joy and majesty of being in a workshop facilitated by J-R and John to those who may not have attended physically. As someone who did have the privilege of attending workshops with J-R and John, I was completely taken back into the room. It really feels like being there. We recently released “Inner Worlds of Meditation” which actually combines footage and content from two consecutive years of the workshop facilitated by J-R and John, including never before published content.

We have a very limitless approach to this creative and exploratory process. We want to acknowledge and appreciate the flexibility, support, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness we received from John Morton and the Presidency. The most exciting part of all that we are sharing is that this is only the beginning. Our mastermind group continues to explore new ways to get the Teachings out there, to make it easier to participate, and to experience the miracle of what we do anywhere on the planet. With all that we create, we hope to continue to:

• Find new ways to get never before released content out there
• Find new ways to create rich experiences regardless of situation, circumstance, or environment
• And most importantly to have fun in the process

Here are some of our all-time favorite classes for you to check out:
• Inner Worlds of Meditation facilitated by John-Roger and John Morton:

• The Mystic Self facilitated by Paul Kaye:

• The Tao of Spirit facilitated by Paul Kaye:

If you have any questions, please reach out by email to []

As always, please join us in placing this all in the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing together in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

Anna and Jeffrey

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