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Keeping Up With the Times – Cryptocurrency Donations to MSIA

After requests from some folks a few years back, MSIA added the capability to donate Bitcoin – the original cryptocurrency – on in early 2018.    You may have noticed the Bitcoin button that was in the donation section.   Over the years, MSIA received periodic Bitcoin contributions from a handful of donors.   Meanwhile, the number of cryptocurrencies multiplied tremendously.  According to Exploding Topics (a research and analysis group) there are now over 10,000 active cryptocurrencies and upwards of 300 million cryptocurrency users around the world.

To keep up with the times, MSIA has just upgraded the cryptocurrency donation feature in the donation section of    You can go there directly with this link  All the types of donation options are available, i.e., tithing, seeding, John-Roger Legacy Fund, HeartFelt donation, and general donation.  There is a brief FAQ on the crypto donation page to answer basic questions.

We have been watching the evolution of cryptocurrency from its beginnings in 2009.   Yes, we wish we had bought some back then and held on to it.   Wouldn’t everyone!   There has been a lot of passionate discussion on the merits of crypto and we will respectfully stay out of the fray.   MSIA does not endorse any type of investment – that is a 10% level concern, and all the practicalities apply.   Suffice to say, crypto is part of our world and we embrace new ways to support the Traveler’s work wherever we find them.

Of course, all of the other MSIA giving options remain in place.  You can tithe, seed, or make a donation on the MSIA iOS or Android app in less than a minute.   The donation page on can be found on the home page under GIVE or the Tithe/Seed/Donate link

Your generous contributions to MSIA are what keep things going.   Thank you!

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