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Acceptance – A Direct Way of Knowing God Consciousness

The experience of accepting is allowing for freedom and liberation of anything that would restrict letting go.  That’s another way I look at accepting – let go. – John Morton

This article comes from John’s sharing at the “Exploring the Five Laws of Spirit” workshop held on March 18, 2022.

The first law of spirit is acceptance.  When that information from John-Roger first came to me, my mind immediately went, “Really? I think there are more important things than acceptance.”  There was my mind, doing that kind of analysis that minds do.

As I’ve come into the experience of acceptance in my life, I realize what we need to do now is to be open, releasing ourselves from what the mind and the lower, psychic-material nature does.  It starts confining and restricting, taking things into something like translation or interpretation.  We are no longer in what “it” is because we have taken ourselves into conceptualizing and intellectualizing what “it” is instead of just letting “it” be what it is.

One thing I would say about what I learned about acceptance is to first check, asking ourself, “Am I accepting?”  We could also ask, “How am I not accepting?”  You could look either way.  If you find that you are not accepting, that’s the opportunity to be open to accepting.  Let go of whatever that is.  It puts us in what I call the life stream that is in flow and moving.  It’s the movement and it always is.

The experience of accepting is allowing for freedom and liberation of anything that would restrict letting go.  That’s another way I look at accepting – let go.  If you are like me, I then hear, “Well, then let God.”  What a great move!  It’s a master move to go to acceptance.  Now we’ve got God in play and when we get God in play we are going to win.  It is a way of saying, “Whatever we are here for is going to take place.”  As we move that into the spiritual awakening, it is taking place.

Acceptance is a direct way of knowing God consciousness.  That’s profound.  God is a direct way of knowing acceptance.  That is another way to hear it.  If I’m in my God consciousness, then I know acceptance.  I have a way of receiving what something is without resistance, objection, or rejection.

Can you do acceptance all day long?  I don’t know how to be accepting, neutral and open all day long.  Everyone can take a look at what we are accepting and when we are not accepting.  Then, just be in awareness, like “Where is my awareness now?”  If it is in, “I’m not accepting,” then let go.

John-Roger gave keys to letting go.  The main one is to relax or detach from anything like againstness or contraction.  Release that.  Breathing is another way of coming into attunement.  You don’t have to remember the words for the spiritual laws.  You may say, “I don’t remember what the words are – something about spiritual law, but I don’t remember.  There are some number of spiritual laws, but I don’t even remember that!” But if you go, “Well, there is something about ‘relax.’”  I say, “You got it!”

There is something about the name.  If you don’t remember anything, I’d say it’s something about the name of God.  Just say, “God,” like God would turn around if you said that name.

If you can be in attunement with the spiritual laws, you are going to be in a consciousness of God, because you are in the spiritual attunement. You can get it inwardly.  You can have the experience of the sound before you know what to call it or how to speak it.  It’s unspeakable.  It’s not a word with a definition other than, “something like God.”

I am encouraging you to let go, including that you have to remember something.  If you come into the presence so you experience yourself accepting, cooperating, and understanding all of what is in your experience, then you’re going to have the energy we know as enthusiasm.  There is a surge.  It’s more energy than you need.  You would experience yourself as a consciousness which can handle anything.  That’s some enthusiasm!  “I’ve got this!”  Who is speaking?  The consciousness that has got this.  God.

Then, as we go higher, there is empathy.  That would be, “I know you.  I feel you.” That could be in ways like, “I’m one with you. Your feeling is in my feeling.” If you take that all the way, it’s God consciousness.  You have empathy all the way to God.  You have oneness of God.  As above, so below.  When you have seen me, you’ve seen God.

That may sound like the Christ or some majestic being, an avatar, sent from God and acting in accordance with God.  Okay.  Can you accept that?  If you have some rebuttal like, “Why would God want to have anything to do with someone like me?” consider God knew you before you did any of those things that would make you the exception.  You are already known.

Then consider we all have an original state.  Where do we come from?  How do we get here?  Consider that original state is clear.  There is light in that clearing.  It is completely pure, completely clear.  It’s in you.  It is in all of us.  It’s in all the creation.  If we see something less than pure, less than good, less than light – we can accept that.  Why?  Why would you want to accept that?  So that you can let it go.

Why would acceptance be the first key of the spiritual laws?  So that you could let go.  Then, would we want to hang onto something like gold and riches, or her or him, or whatever?  Consider you can have what God has.  Everything.  This key of acceptance is getting rather huge.  This key is to everything.

A Blessing

Father, Mother, God, we come before You as those who are your children born in direct offspring with full inheritance.  Father, we accept.  We accept the keys to the Kingdom.  We forgive ourselves for in any way coming against Your creation.  We release it in Your love, Your mercy.  And as we do, we are bestowed with all of Your blessings.   They have already been given.  They are eternal.  Let us consider we can now fully accept, come into cooperation with living these blessing, giving these blessings more and more, every day in every way.

Baruch Bashan

Note:  The entire “Exploring the Five Laws of Spirit Workshop with John Morton” is available for viewing on That Which Is – for premium members – in  the Live Stream Recordings Section and may be found at

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