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In Prana, In Person, In Communion, In Christ

Remember the good old days when we used to get-together in person at retreats and create the most amazing bubble of Light and Love and Traveler rocket ship-o-rama, blissed out, God-smacked wonderment? Remember meal-breaks filled with lovingly-prepared food and an assortment of happy people, high on the Spirit, talking, laughing, enjoying face-to-face the God across from them? Remember getting up early to walk with a good friend or bask in sacred, silent time before the start of the day’s program? Yes, me too!

For me, happy days were here again this past Easter. Walking in the Light and Communion was all of that and more. The Home of the Traveler was buzzing with initiates. Or was that the Sound Current ringing in my ears. Or was that the hair-dryer I left on overnight after passing out in bed with a goofy smile. I’m still not really sure.

Yes, many, many people watched online and had their own stupendously sublime experience in the energy of the Traveler’s Mystery School. And they did so wearing their favorite pajamas, or at least their favorite pajama tops, no make-up, and huge grins as they sipped their fresh-ground coffees with their feet on a stack of pillows. They saved on tuition and transportation costs. They ate gluten-free communion wafers or free-range chocolate bars or sponges depending on their preferences. And everyone was happy!

For me, enjoying the in person fellowship of the Walking in the Light and Communion at Prana scratched an itch I had been itching to scratch for the last two years. It brought me into contact with friends I forgot I was missing. It let me hear ani-hu’s chanted in glorious harmony from all sides. It miraculously got me into brunch at the same table as John and Leigh where I listened like a star-struck teenager. It brought the majesty of the Traveler right into the level of my basic self. And that’s right where I like it, baby!

There are lots of reasons to be thankful for the magic of beaming an intimate experience of the Traveler right into our homes, in our native language, while we post messages for everyone to read filled with colorful emojis and LL’s and photoshopped Zoom headshots that make us look at least ten years younger. I understand it is a huge blessing to be able to roll out of bed and into a class or watch John and Leigh in their beautiful home while I eat my Special K. I understand that some people face health or time or money constraints that make watching online an absolute Godsend.

But, call me old fashioned, a good meeting of flesh-and-bone people presided over by our physical Traveler will always hold a special place in my heart. Especially if someone is making breakfast for us. Would someone please pass me the Special K? I’ve got a training to get to!

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2 thoughts on “In Prana, In Person, In Communion, In Christ”

  1. Laren Bright

    It was the hair dryer — but it was tuned to the pitch of the Sound Current (or is that alternating current?).

  2. So beautifully put! Although I was one of those sitting in the comfort of my home, visualizing I was sitting amongst you all there!!! I wonder why Jsu was sitting on the hard stairs??? It was a good view though!!! Having had the privilege of several overnights, a lovely place to be for sure!!! I plan to continue to “Walk in the Light” the rest of my days! Between that, the Sound, and with our hands and heart in the Travelers…Wow!

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