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MSIA Presidency Update — August 2022

We are really excited about the plans for a trip to Israel in 2023.   Seeing the images of the ancient holy sites in the promotional video brought back memories of our wonderful visits there over the years.   On the last trip in 2014, the group spent a lot of time in Jerusalem with some day excursions both to the north and south of the city to experience the treasured places everyone has read and dreamed about.

The journey next year will explore the country in greater depth like the old PAT IV trips.  Being there in person is a magical experience.   Registration is open for the Israel 2023 Tour and you can find it here

MSIA minister, Elaine Baran, is creating a very engaging web site that chronicles the MSIA tours since the PAT IV’s began in the 1980’s.  Check it out here if you would like a taste of what it is like to travel with the Traveler.  Elaine would love to get your photos, personal stories or any information you have to fill out a tour you were on; see the contact page on the site to help us create as comprehensive a record as possible of the Traveler’s tours.

The other classic Traveler event we are excited about is the Living in Grace retreat this coming December, 2022. We are happily returning to beautiful Asilomar after a three-year break due to the pandemic. Many of you are familiar with the blessing of welcoming the Christmas season in retreat at Asilomar, and if you haven’t experienced the magic yet, come and celebrate with us during the week of December 12-18. This is the place to be if you want to be cleansed and renewed through the grace of the Traveler, and recharge your spiritual batteries as you prepare to greet the New Year. For more information and to register, click here.

In March 2008, MSIA minister and real estate broker, Lori Matson, let us know that the 86-unit apartment complex next door to Prana was for sale.   We were intrigued by the idea of being our own neighbors and making a financial asset investment that also doubled as an investment in the West Adams Historical District community.   By the fall of 2008, MSIA owned the property – just in time for the Great Financial Crisis to begin!   With J-R and John’s support, we named it Villa de la Paz Apartments which translates to “Village of Peace.”

For the past 14 years we have steadily improved the property, reinvesting all the surplus funds generated from rent to upgrade the property and apartments. In 2015 we hired Adrian Malin to manage the property.   Adrian is an ideal partner who is knowledgeable, experienced, successful, honest, with enormous integrity and caring. Adrian shares our values in the way we take a long-term view to improve the property with quality materials and to enhance its external beauty and living spaces to make multifamily living more comfortable.    When we first met Adrian, it turned out he had already visited Peace Awareness Gardens & Labyrinth and he was so impressed with what we had done he was excited to work with us.

These days, about 10 percent of the Villa de la Paz residents are MSIA folks, including our own Vincent Dupont.  The last major project is to finish the West Adams Boulevard frontage.  The interior landscaping is virtually complete, with fountains, gardens, and sitting areas.   One of the highlights is the community vegetable garden and citrus grove that is managed by Farmscape, the largest urban farming company in California.   Once a week during the harvest seasons, fresh vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, green beans, peppers, and herbs are shared among the residents.

When we finally complete the landscaping in the coming year we will update the Villa de la Paz web site and share the fulfillment of our vision.   Meanwhile, please enjoy these images of the property.   The property is a mix of one-bedroom and single apartments.    The property has no vacancies at the moment, but they do open up occasionally — especially the studios.

In our last update, we mentioned a new feature on called Events-at-a-Glance, as an easier way to get a multi-month overview of the upcoming PTS and MSIA events.  It took a little longer to put an Events-at-a-Glance button at the top of the MSIA online calendar pages, but it is there now for you to use.   For those of you who are active Seminar Leaders, there is now a section in the Student Dashboard with articles, frequently asked questions, and the latest version of the Seminar Leaders Handbook.

By the way, some folks still don’t know about the new articles tab in the Initiates Only section of the Student Dashboard.   Please check it out!   Here are a couple of teaser John-Roger article titles for you from the Initiates Only section: “What’s the Best Way to Chant My Tone?” and “Coming Toward the End Time.”

As always, please join us in placing this all into the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing with us in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the planet.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark

MSIA Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Anna


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