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Learning and Loving in the Highest Good

Soul Transcendence Seminar and Highest Good Workshop
hosted by the Kalamazoo, Michigan MSIA community
Aug 5 – 7, 2022

Our beloved Mystical Traveler, John Morton kicked off a weekend resplendent with blessings with a Soul Transcendence Seminar Friday evening.  The Highest Good 2-day format workshop followed on Saturday and Sunday. This In-Room training was facilitated majestically by Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, and was available to participants via Zoom as well.

There were simple, powerful PAT style processes, mind-blowing, heart-opening sharing with the Traveler, and new teachings disseminated through The Highest Good MP-3 and MP-4 packets! One of the new teachings is that in this era, the Aquarian Age, the energy of Jesus Christ is issuing forth under a new name. You’ll have to take the workshop to find out what that is!

We danced together physically, on Zoom, and spiritually, anchoring more and more in the consciousness of the Highest Good. We experienced the great and tender peace of the Highest Good together.

Thank you to John, Leigh, the Kalamazoo assisting team, PTS, and all who took the training both live and online.  WE LOVE YOU!

 Karen Berry Powell,

MI IN OH MSIA Secretary

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