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Holding the Intention for the Highest Good

The power in the imagination does not have any limitation other than what you can imagine!  So, imagine the very best you could imagine.  Then keep it open.  Allow God to show you what that would be with the intention for the highest good. – John Morton

This article is taken from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John gave in March 2022.

There is a teaching amongst the teachings that what we can behold, we can become.  So, behold what you wish for.  Behold what your vision is, or your life is to become.  It is practical to do that now, this day, and to also be willing to shift, change and adjust to what it is you want to become.

There is a wisdom to do that in such a way as it is only that the highest good for all concerned would be allowed.  There is wisdom there.  Part of that is wisdom for world peace.  That is what is necessary.

John-Roger talked about a portable paradise, referring to the power of one, the power in each one.  In each one of us, there is a power to choose and then sustain that choice.  It would be something that you lived in from now on.  How would you do that?  Choose it at the level of God.  How would you do that? Ask God to join you, or you join God.  Whichever and however that works.

I am reminded in our teachings that if you are wondering whose move it is between you and God – it’s your move.  It is always in the now.  We can do that. In your own presence, in your life, you can live in peace.  You can uphold that as the living expression of who you are.  You come in peace.  You go in peace.  You make peace, and you bring peace.

How much of that has to be joined so we are doing it together in cooperation, such that it is placed upon the planet?  That’s one of the gifts of the imagination – to bring it in without limitation.  The power in the imagination does not have any limitation other than what you can imagine!  So, imagine the very best you could imagine.  Then keep it open.  Allow God to show you what that would be with the intention for the highest good.

John-Roger made a very powerful statement in his life when he declared, “I won’t live in a world without love.”  What I see with that is we were shown what that is and what it would require.  John-Roger went about demonstrating it in his life.  It became something of a practice.  What do I do when I falter, transgress, withdraw, contract, or violate?  What do I do when I do what humans do?  Get up.  Restore the peace.  Choose the peace.  Choose the love.  Be the love.

Whatever that is, it is in your hands.  It’s in your touch.  We can reach out with this, such that it becomes something where we are willing to get involved in the world to make peace, to demonstrate living love.  That’s the kind of world I want to live in.  If I won’t live in a world without love and peace, then let’s also put some joy, fun, beauty, and harmony in there.  There is lots more and it’s all good.  The intention would bring it to the world in its highest nature.  Is it a world or a universe?  Consider it is of the highest nature, not beholding to my knowing or experience.  I am calling out what is the highest there is, and I’m willing to move to that.

I consider that there is a practical reason we are in the world.  It is about our willingness to live in the truth, be open to what that is, and to let go of our limiting beliefs.  It is also about calling out what is true for you in your life.

We all want to be surrounded by loving.  We also want to be a source of loving.  That is not something that’s boring.  It’s not that we have to be a doormat everybody steps on in order to do what they want.  That might demonstrate our level of loving for a moment, that we make the offering to give what is needed.  I see that in our salvation, the savior within as a consciousness of the anointing.

Do we proselytize, convert, or anything like that?   I look at it that we do give testimony.  I could tell you of my experience, and I would want to do that openly.  My view is that we are converted from within.  We are already converted, already in salvation.  It is done.  Now it’s just a matter that we engage with it, so it completes with the circumstances of our life.

That becomes a progression ever higher.  That would be one way to describe the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.  It is a progression ever higher.  Can it go to the highest, so we have this experience called, “Oneness with God?”  As we come into whatever that oneness is, it becomes something that transcends what is in the world.

Our kingdom is not “out here” or in conquering or dominating people or a land or even within a family.  I look at it as having the opportunity to bring in the consciousness that is the beloved one.  Then we find out we are all the beloved one.  We are all begotten.  That’s the awakening.  That is the opportunity.

In MSIA, we have what we call “staff values.”  They are not secret.  They are practical.  The first one is to be loving.  The second is to trust.  I see the first three letters in “trust” as giving us a hint.  It means we are on to the truth, and we’re willing to live in the truth.  That allows us to be in keeping with one another.  It works together as a oneness.  We can look together to see what is true.  Not always does that appear as something agreeable.  It just can be how it appears in this world.  There are shades depending on the angle of your looking.

Another value is togetherness.  “Where two or more are gathered….”  We are in that.  We call out what is sacred and holy. That is an intention to gather together in what is holy and sacred.  It is independent of anyone’s control.  It is not necessary that we have an intercessory other than Spirit.  That is the power to bring this forward when we can handle it and when we choose to handle it.  It is in respect.  Often it stands aside as we detour, go astray, move into distraction or opposition.  We have a consciousness that will hold and wait with the greatest of patience.  Then, when we come, it’s like the returning of the prodigal son or daughter.  There is a celebration. Why wait, holding for some perfect moment?  Let’s celebrate now.

Clear communication is another value.  One of our teachings is that Spirit is the clearest state possible, the clearest dimension and the clearest way.  When we are in clear communication we are in communion.  We can look together to what we see.  There is often an opportunity to go higher.  If we are all in agreement, there is something we can move into as cooperation.  We are doing something for the betterment of all.  The practicality is sometimes it is your turn to say, “Let me serve you.  Let me do that for you.”  We do that with one another.

Jesus pointed out that the greatest amongst us is the greatest servant.  The consciousness that understands that reality is who is going to follow.  The way is prepared.  If Jesus’s consciousness is leaving, it is to go to prepare a place that has been unavailable to you because you were not prepared.  Now, the teachings are here that would prepare all of us to be in that place of highest residence.  They call it the Soul.  They call it God consciousness.

I encourage us to relax wanting to define it or draw pictures of it.  If we see it and know it, it can come out as a beautiful expression like dancing or singing.  A smile is a way that we can show caring when it is not provoked or even justified.  We just care because we care in knowing our oneness with God.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Service for the Highest Good

Father-Mother-God, we ask that You come present with
each one of us here.
You know our heart.
You know what is best for us.
You’ve heard it all. Seen it all.
Come forward.
Take what is not necessary
so that in this place and this moment we let go.
We are letting You take it completely. We give ourself
completely to you.

As we give ourself completely
we have no past as it has nothing to do with us.
All that we want or need is present.
We present ourself open, clear, and patient.

Lord, whatever we need to know about waiting upon You,
teach us. Show us what it means
to wait upon you.

Teach us to accept. Teach us to cooperate.
Teach us how to free Your consciousness into our expression.
Teach us to serve in the greatest way.

We give thanks for this day.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing can be found in John’s book, “Blessings Here and Now”, available at


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