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Building Your Spiritual Practice

Let’s build your spiritual practice so strong that it is like God incarnate in you as an initiate.  – John Morton.

This article comes from a sharing session John had in July 2022 with participants in The Harmonic Self Class, a class offered through Peace Theological Seminary.

If you think you aren’t hearing the Sound Current, let’s take a look.  Are you listening?  Are you chanting your tone?  I say do both. That works.  Are you chanting your initiatory tone inwardly, silently?  You don’t say it out loud.  If you don’t know how to do both, you can do chanting and then you can do listening.

Call it about fifty-fifty.  If you are going to do twenty minutes of spiritual exercise, it would be ten minutes of chanting, then ten minutes of listening.  There can be variation there.  You don’t need to know exactly when it’s ten minutes, that’s arbitrary.  I encourage you to chant for a while and then listen for a while.  That works.

How would you know it is ten minutes?  Maybe you set a little alarm, or you open your eyes and check out what time it is.  If, when you open your eyes, it engages you away from the inner and seems like it doesn’t work, that’s okay.  Even if you use an alarm, it can be as if you are away somewhere when the alarm goes off.

How long should you listen?  Maybe as long as you chant your tone, you listen.  Then go back to chanting the tone.  Does it have to be exact?  No.  Let’s consider that’s a relief.  Don’t worry about how long you are listening.  Have you ever had the experience that you went somewhere, and you don’t know where you went, but you came back?  Can you do that more than once?  Sure, of course you can.  See how relaxed it is in Spirit?

Do you have to count chants or minutes?  No.  Do you have to keep track of how many times?  No.  Do you have to chant your initiatory tone as it was given to you?  Yes.  That is very exact.  I don’t apologize for that.  This is the tone, your initiatory tone.

The initiatory tone has an order, like syllables but not really syllables.  Is it a word?  In the Scripture, they call it the “Word.”  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  (John 1:1)   Is your tone like a code name for God?  Yes.  “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.”  (John 1:14)

Your tone is not necessarily about a language.  It is a sound, charged spiritually.  That is important.  You had your tone charged for you with your initiation.  A lot of people haven’t had that initiation, at least in this lifetime.  Yet it is working.  We begin with the astral name.  We give you something like “Hu”, “Ani-Hu” and other sounds you can hear and learn through classes and recordings, such as the “Inner Worlds of Meditation.”  You can work with these tones.

When we get to the causal level, we are doing something that’s going to take hold, setting a foundation in you.  The key is for you to show up and chant your tone.  There is an excerpt from a recording of “The Greatest Insight” where John-Roger asks, “Can’t you just spend a little time with me?”  That is really important.  Notice he said, “A little.”  He didn’t say, “A lot.”  He didn’t say eight hours a day.  He just asked you to give some of your time and attention.

Have you ever started spiritual exercises and within thirty seconds you were gone?  Thirty seconds!  You may think you’ve passed out.  I say that’s not what happened.  It may feel like that, where you seem to go unconscious.  You weren’t aware of hearing the sound current.  Actually, you went into a state where you were hearing the sound current, just not consciously.

It’s in the teachings of MSIA that chanting your tone will take you into a state where you are in the sound current.  You are in soul consciousness.  Consciously?  No.  That would be a restriction.  You wouldn’t go soul traveling if you were insisting on staying conscious.

I have a willingness to go soul traveling and not stay conscious.  John-Roger certainly had a willingness to do it.  I was around him a lot physically when he was “gone.”  I was around him physically when his eyes were open, he was talking, but he was “gone.”

With John-Roger, it seemed like he was here but not here.  The body knows how to breathe.  It was like a caretaker, a remnant, someone who was “holding down the fort.”  How does all that work?  Beautifully.  Perfectly.  In John-Roger’s case, it worked mystically.  Something on a very high level is going on, but we don’t know what that is.  We don’t comprehend or understand it in the mind.

There are some practical things about chanting.  Don’t hurt yourself.  If you like to do spiritual exercises standing up, check how that works for you.  If you fall occasionally, how does that work for you?  What are you doing?  Don’t hurt yourself.  Don’t hurt the body. When we do spiritual exercises, we are going through a threshold.  There is a price.  One price is to show up.  When we show up for spiritual exercise, there is a lot of clearing that goes on.

A core of the Traveler’s work with you, as an initiate, is to clear the karma.  Why?  We are trying to build something like an eight-lane highway that is indestructible in the spirit, such that the negative power cannot take it down.  What do we mean by trying?  We don’t want to tempt the negative power to be able to say, “Wow, you set a record as the highest-level initiate ever to be taken down and fall because of the negative power. You are the record holder.”  I don’t want that record.  I don’t want any initiate to have the desire for that.

Let’s build your spiritual practice so strong that it is like God incarnate in you as an initiate. It’s not about perfection on this level. In this world, it doesn’t always line up nice, neat, and clear in how it works out.  Give some room for the Traveler to clear the karma.  If you are doing spiritual exercises for your liberation, your soul’s liberation, there is always a checkpoint.  Are you hurting yourself or anybody else?  If you are, that is off.  That’s juice for the negative power.  Stay out of that.  Stay clear.

Do things that take care of yourself with room for helping to take care of others.  But you are not here to satisfy others.  They are here for that.  Everyone has a one-hundred percent responsibility in their own level of taking care of themselves.  We can help each other.  That is allowed.  That’s good karma.  Just don’t worship it or make it an obsession.

Don’t get into, “I’ll only be happy if you are happy.”  Watch out.  You may throw your happiness away because they are choosing not to be happy.   Don’t get into, “I won’t be happy because I love them and if they’re not happy, I’m not happy.”  Where does loving say that is the way it has to be?  It doesn’t.  How does all this work out?  Hopefully in an interesting way that you like, at least for the most part.  Keep evaluating if it is working.  If you say, “I am learning so much.  This is the best class I’ve ever been in,” that’s terrific.

As for hearing the sound current, claim that you are hearing it.  How would you know you are hearing it?  Here is perhaps the most profound answer of the day – Silence.  Do you ever hear silence?  Let’s say we are all hearing silence right now.  It’s not the noise, outer sounds in the world, echoes, vibrations, or their reflections.  I’m talking about real silence, always present as silence.  The sound of silence, always here.  It is.  You can listen.  I’m listening for the silence when I am listening.  The sound is in the silence.

I have been places where the sound of silence is loud.  If you have had that experience, then you’re hearing the sound of silence.  You are hearing the sound.  It’s in the silence.  If you are hearing the silence and it’s like a cricket or circadian sort of sound, that is in the world.  You might say there is something there, but it’s not really crickets.  It is like a buzzing, vibrating aspect, or quality.

Sound is vibration.  That’s physics.  It is a sound wave or frequency.  It has a pulse.  There are different versions depending on the instrument or the person.  Each person is an instrument.  A violin, piano, percussion, or horn?  It gets interesting.  The sound vibration has different oscillations and frequencies that come into harmony.  There is a perfect harmony.

If we let go and allow sound to be what it is in its true nature, it comes into a clarity.  It is on tone.  We release dissonance that I call static in the channel.  It’s noise that is not harmony.  How do we do that?  Let go.  We relax so we are not doing the noise.  We’re allowing our self to come into harmony, the frequency of the tone.

There is a tone in the physical level.  That is how the sound current would register in the physical level.  It is a vibration that’s harmonic.  There is something about that, that engages our harmonic if we allow it.  How do you allow it?  Relax.  What’s another word for relax?  Two words—-do nothing.  Release the negativity because it goes to the nothingness from which it came.  There is “no thing.”  But there is something going on with “no thing.”  There is a movement.

Movement is a key word.  I relate to movement as life.  Movement is alive.  “Something” has movement.  What is the heartbeat of God?  Do we see the heart and then get the beat?  Maybe it’s a sound like a beat, pulse, or a wave.  It has rhythm.  What is causing that rhythm?  It goes into dimensions.

The tendency is to “go out” when we do spiritual exercises because the Traveler allows it, so you are in the consciousness of the Traveler.  The Traveler is allowing you to be in the field getting the experience.  The price you pay is that you don’t remember.  It’s like a veil, a forgetfulness.  You come back into the psychic-material nature, and you don’t remember.

You may think you went deaf, dumb, or blind.  “I don’t see, hear or remember but I had the experience,” even though you don’t have any awareness of the experience.  What happened to your experience?  It’s there and the benefits are there.  What would that be?  You become a nicer person.  That’s one way I would put it.  What is the effect of the sound current and its radiation?  There is illumination, like “I hear, and I see.” That is powerful.

What is the benefit of hearing and seeing?  Intelligence.  Wisdom.  Hold for the light action.  Hold for the harmony of who you are – to be what you do.  What if you do it clumsily compared to the “I AM” such that it’s almost like “Why bother?”  You increase your ability by the practice of spiritual exercise. There is a reason to show up for the spiritual exercises.  You are increasing your ability to be conscious, even for a moment.  If you have a moment with conscious awareness of the sound, it’s a turning point in your existence.

If you did it in another lifetime but you weren’t finished with the psychic-material karma, and you came back to finish, there is a reordering and remembering to reset.  It’s almost like you got out of the class after three sessions, but there were twelve sessions.  When you came back to redo the class, you wanted to start in the fourth session.  It doesn’t work that way. You are progressing to keep progressing, to keep passing the classes, not bypassing them.

Often, how we work off some of the karma is by helping others to release their karma in levels we have been through.  We become wayshowers in our way.  That progresses us so we come into what I call “A good life.” Basically, it’s just for you to do good, however you do that.  It can be in very simple ways.  You do the best you can.

God bless you.

Blessing of Anointing through the Traveler Consciousness

Lord God, through Your Christ
as it is anointed in each one of us,
as that flame, that we know as the Light,
as the illumination, that moves through all consciousness
illuminating our spirit and the presence of the Light and love for all.
That we are those who gather in Your name,
calling out in our dedication, as You have called us.
And we know that as coming home,
that there is a rejoicing as we open our consciousness in Spirit,
that can be heard and seen and felt.
That we take hold of it here.

We are those anchoring into this place, into this time,
right into this point here and now.
That this is a blessing through the Traveler consciousness on all levels,
with those who are the initiates and ministers
of God’s love, light and sound.

In your silence, we behold forever, forever, and ever.

And as we are amongst the beloved here, let us connect one to one,
again and again to Your eternal spark
that is the divine nature in each and every one of us.
That we connect to this blessing going forward into the world.
That we are invoking this presence
that has been the spiritual promise in this day all the more.
And we know that this is done in Your grace and all the compassion,
that we are released from the limitations
that we know as the karma and as the darkness.
In Your light, in Your love, we celebrate.
Baruch Bashan

The above blessing was given by John at the conclusion of a Meeting of Representatives from MSIA and related organizations, in Westlake Village in July 2014, as part of the MSIA Conference of Soul Transcendence. It is one of the many blessings in John’s latest book Blessings Here and Now, available at

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