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What Is God’s Intention?

“I will wake up my intention. And as I wake up my intention, I am awake with yours and our intention together.” – John Morton

The following article is taken from a sharing session John held on December 21, 2022, with students participating in undergraduate classes of Peace Theological Seminary.

Regardless of what is revealed, even if you don’t know, you can find trust and faith in yourself and the Lord that you will handle whatever is given to you. There’s freedom in exercising your trust and your faith in the Lord.
– John Morton, DSS, Loving Each Day, 12.26.2022

I will wake up my intention. And as I wake up my intention, I am awake with yours and our intention together. Somewhere in there is God’s intention for Its creation.

One way I look at whatever name we use for God, however we have some kind of experience of what is that in our awareness, in our knowing, it comes into an integration. It comes into a oneness. Out of God comes all things. That’s just another way of saying there is no other thing than God. It’s all in some way all connected. Let’s consider this – in the way it’s connected, it’s not broken. It’s not in dysfunction.

When we get into this aspect of God’s creation, so let’s make it real specific, like this world, then I just point out how did you get to this world? There is a lot of range in what people would say about that. You may not remember, and there are some who remember something. Is it something accurate or is it some kind of fantasy?

Let’s consider it’s at least possible we are not conscious, or we don’t remember where we come from. Then in that is also a sense of separation. It can be something like what’s in front of me, what’s here now in this state, a condition, well that’s it. We could conclude that whatever I perceive, what are in my thoughts, there’s nothing else. My experience and wisdom tell me there is something that is the unconscious or the unknowing, so it is known. We are at the effect of what it is. Even if we don’t have any idea, any clue, any conscious awareness of what it is, we are still at the effect.

Where do we go with that to get to God’s intention? Let’s consider all the creation is beloved. There is no creation that is not beloved.

God loves all of its creation. I would say that’s God’s intention. Not one soul will be lost. That’s God’s intention. Out of God comes all things. That’s God’s intention. There is no god but God.

Are we in trouble? Do we have a mean nasty God or a treacherous God? Or a God who has mood swings and suddenly eliminates a very useful, valuable, worthwhile creation because God’s in a bad mood? Then if God regrets that, what happens? Can God recreate it?

I see it that God has the powers, as in omnipotent. So, then God’s intention is to be all powerful. There’s something in there, let’s call it intelligence. God is not going to make a rock so heavy it can’t be lifted and then it’s a problem.  Well, how come it has to be eternal? Why don’t we just keep making it better?

Consider there’s still the creation, meaning creation is ongoing. There is a becoming in more creation. That’s amazing to think of. Are we in tune with that? Are we present with that?

There are some keys for being in tune with God’s intention. They are in the spiritual laws. Let’s consider spiritual laws are also God’s intention. Acceptance, cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm, empathy.

How does God do what it does? The master key is loving. What is that? It’s a presence that causes something greater, that’s one way I relate to it. Loving makes it better, whatever it is. And I consider there are no exceptions.

Loving is God’s intention. All we really need to know about God’s intention is in the loving. So, if we are in that, present with that, and also allowing, cooperating, choosing back in how we are the loving to the fullest extent, so we love it all, then we’re in God’s intention.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Rededication

Lord God, we bring ourselves before You once again.
We lay down our troubles and burdens.
We ask whatever we do not know how to remove of our own volition,
that it is removed by You through the forces of light and love.
Let us all be made holy and sacred here,
that we become Your servants anew in greater ways than ever before.

Lift our ignorances.
Let us put aside what grace can take.
From this moment forward, our life becomes the glory of You,
the presence of God’s will being done.
Let us each see a new vision of our life, a new beginning.
In this new vision, we ask to know the simplicity that is the Divine,
the Holy of Holies, the purity, the sanctity of truth.

Let us put aside that part of us that seeks out of incompleteness
or lack so the Christ energy becomes our life force.
We are quickened in the Spirit so that our mind is the mind of Spirit.
What emanates as energy and motions
become manifestations of the whole spirit nature.
As necessary, we rebuke any consciousness of deceit.
We rebuke that place at any level of any manifestation that holds the negative form.

We re-align. We make straight and clear.
We take on the new generation of Spirit.
Let us breathe it in the places that have forgotten.
We give permission openly.
Those places that we’ve attempted to hide or close off,
we open them to You.
We receive You this day again.
We are renewed in Your purpose.

Strengthen this blessing. Place it so it can be held.
Give us the wit to endure, to know we can endure
when we are tempted to say, “No,” or to turn or defile in anyway.

We give thanks for this blessing.
We see ourselves issuing forth freely and openly
our joy and delight for the gift of life that is always with us.
In this new consciousness, we uphold forgiving.
We let go.

God is our intention. This is what we seek.
This is our prayer in the deepest place of our heart.
This is what we place on the altar.
God is our intention.
God is our Will.
God is the dedication of our life.

It is secure.
It is safe.
It is done.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing can be found in John’s book, Blessings Here and Now, available at

3 thoughts on “What Is God’s Intention?”

  1. Thank You for sharing your blessings, especially with the traumas and changes I find myself wondering through … Love to you and all of those following JR’s teachings,
    Dave Cleveland (living in Memphis Tn .area ‘you all’)

  2. Beautiful! So clear. The past few days I’ve been focusing my process of curing an auto-immune condition by “healing from top down”. Starting with soul in the body, between heaven and earth, just a part of God’s creation here. In the great company of Travelers, Arch Angels, and Masters. Harmonizing my body processes with God’s will by using a new concept called “morphic resonance”. So many tones, intervals, and music galore in the Sound Current. Letting the healing happen.
    Thank you John, for making it clear to me once again.

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