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Gretchen Del Carmen Morales Sánchez receiving her Master of Spiritual Science in Transcendent Leadership diploma online at PTS Graduation, June 21, 2023

There is No Distance in the Oneness — Celebrating Our Global PTS Experience

Despite residing on the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean Sea, distance was no obstacle to living an immersive experience through the Transcendent Leadership (TL) master’s program.

From the very beginning, I was driven by motivation and a desire to explore and awaken to a higher consciousness, and the results exceeded all my expectations. The TL program pleasantly surprised me by providing valuable teachings that strengthened and expanded my perspective towards the unknown, That Which Is.

Having had the opportunity to be part of this program was the best decision I could have made to enrich my knowledge and deepen my spirituality. And then, obtaining this degree of mastery was not limited to a mere diploma, but it transcended its purpose. I felt that the program came alive in my heart, in my actions, and the new knowledge that unfolded in my consciousness.

From the moment I found out about the graduation day, I rushed to my calendar to see if I could be present and participate in the Prana experience. To my surprise, I discovered that the following day I had a job contract that I couldn’t cancel, which prevented me from traveling to California for the graduation. However, I told myself that it wouldn’t be an impediment and that I would make this experience the most joyful, fun, and respectful celebration that comes with the achievement of graduation, as if I were in Prana with my beloved Traveler John Morton, my dear program professors, and my fellow TL cohorts celebrating this great accomplishment.

So, filled with excitement, I told my husband, my son, and my family that this day was very significant and important to me, and I needed them to be with me to celebrate it. I asked them all to mark the date on their calendars because “That day was a reason for a grand celebration.” As the days went by, I received the form to order the gown, and I said, “I want one!” I wanted to feel like I was parading with all my classmates after completing two years of intense studies, and my inner child said, “I want to reward myself by wearing the gown.” I wanted photos!

And when the TL stole, diploma, and gown arrived, how exciting! OMG, what happiness. I couldn’t stop laughing; the joy was immense, that feeling of happiness that surpasses all understanding. And from that day on, I was already celebrating. Then I had an idea since I couldn’t be present in Prana, I could be there in the form of a photo. So, I created a mask of my face and Linda’s to make it fun and have photos to reminisce. (Thanks to my TL Circle, Toni, Gus, Donna, and Linda for being great sports supporting me with this wild idea.)

MSS in TL Graduate Gretchen Del Carmen Morales Sánchez (at center) with her family on PTS Graduation day 2023 (photo provided by Gretchen)

So, the day came to witness the graduation. I felt like the water of a river, moving in tune with the current. Everything flowed in perfect harmony. My family and I sat in the front row looking at the computer.

At the beginning of the graduation, hearing the opening ceremony song and witnessing the procession starting with John Morton, our beloved Traveler, as well as the professors and doctoral candidates, was an unforgettable experience. I lived the experience as if I were physically present in Prana.

Participating through Zoom and seeing each graduate celebrate their achievement with such joy was incredibly spectacular. Receiving the diploma in the action we all practiced, as if it passed through the screen and we were receiving it, was a magical and transcendent moment. What a beauty, how sublime!

I laughed, got emotional, cried, celebrated—I felt a deep love in the air, and I realized that I was experiencing my own capstone demonstration titled “Seeing Through the Eyes of Love, the Soul Being and Doing.” In that moment, distance ceased to exist, for love was tangible, and I felt fully present, allowing the spiritual experience to fill me completely. My eyes were dedicated to loving and serving what was present.

Everything was perfect. My husband, my son, my mother, my brother, my aunt, and uncle—all of them were present to support me and honor “my graduation moment.” They knew how significant this was for me. Sharing with them in the intimacy of my home and watching the graduation on the computer was incredibly exciting.

My room was filled with love, joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. My face was glowing with happiness. And as soon as I received the diploma and the screen moved to the next graduate, they made a ruckus with their shouts of joy, celebrating and embracing me, offering their congratulations. What a magical moment filled with so much family love.

Then, one of the wonders of the Spirit was to observe the curiosity it sparked in my family as they listened to the explanations offered by the different directors of the PTS programs. They didn’t hesitate to ask questions to learn more details and inquire about the meaning behind the titles of our capstones. My family was astonished by the depth of the program and the students. I felt honored to serve and supported by the manifestations given by the Spirit. The consciousness of the Traveler was present.

And in those moments, I also understood that my experience was a transcendental one. To demonstrate that this program is indeed possible! And that there are no barriers of water, sea, or land to make oneself feel alive, fully present. The TL program has its own life, its own light, and once it entered into connection with me, the teachings imparted a profound mastery in my heart, giving me a more conscious life that uplifts and motivates me to take action for a greater purpose in service for my brothers and sisters, for humanity, for the unity of All.

Not being present in Prana for graduation was the Spirit’s purpose to connect with my family. And to show them the abundance of love that we manifest through this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. What a beautiful way to serve God, the consciousness of the Traveler, and this PTS program, giving of what we have received and serving by spreading love throughout the world, with each of us as graduates from the program.

For over 20 years, I had longed to obtain a master’s degree, and the impact of the pandemic paved the way for that circumstance to become favorable and helped me understand that in the trajectory of my life, every step was important to lead me straight to the TL program.

It also opened the door to expanding my education, my relationships with other ministers around the world, and as a result, I was able to join a group of minister friends from other Latin American countries. In this group we share the teachings of John-Roger every morning and do our spiritual exercises together. This action has allowed me to have a deeper connection with God, the Spirit, and the Traveler Consciousness, and also to enhance my empathy and compassion for myself and humanity.

Looking through the eyes of love, I am the Soul being and doing…that is the title of my capstone, and it is how I truly feel.

Being able to share this graduation experience with my beloved family, ministers, and my TL cohort is indescribable. The depth of how real it felt to be within space-time with everyone, being in Puerto Rico and in Prana at the same time, cannot be measured by words. It was a unique and unforgettable moment which showed me that there are no boundaries to participating in a real and tangible experience. My heart remains filled with great joy and resounds with much love.

Furthermore, I feel honored by everyone who has been part of this experience. We are all one big family. My beloved husband Richard and my beloved son Etienne were living examples of patience and unwavering support as I attended classes throughout weekends every month. I’m grateful and admire them for loving me and understanding how meaningful this journey was for me. To my beloved family, my dear minister friends, and soul sisters, the feedback from our shared experiences has been lessons that propel us to the next ascending step. Your presence and companionship was the most significant display and the greatest gift of love all could give me.

My master’s graduation as a Transcendent Leader from PTS—Peace Theological Seminary, College of Philosophy—is much more than a diploma title.

John-Roger, John Morton, my Soul, and my heart are filled with profound gratitude, and I have no doubt that this was the path that resonated within me. Since then, it has become an authentic and genuine commitment, a constant movement of consciousness to the next level. Thank you to my teachers—Joanie Clingan, I love you and thank you for your support and encouragement to help me deepen my reflections. To Leigh Taylor Young, Paul Kaye, JSU García, and supportive TL colleagues, to my TL Circle, and to every invited guest who participated in the program, thank you all for your contribution to my knowledge, growth, and expansion.

Above all, thank you to Father Mother God, to the Consciousness of Christ, to the Consciousness of the Preceptor on the planet, to the Traveler’s Consciousness, and to my beloved Light of the Holy Spirit for giving me this opportunity to experience once again the unity of All in this life, and to create a beautiful song of love and serve with a purpose. This is where my Soul desires to be, to love, participate, create, sing, dance, laugh, be happy, and more.

Thank you for this beautiful blessing of Grace that I received upon graduating to pursue a ministry of transcendent leadership, and for this wonderful experience in which I never felt separated. I will continue and I am ready for what comes next!

I love you all, and I bless you. Sending my Loving Light,

Gretchen Del Carmen Morales Sánchez,
MSIA Minister
Master Transcendent Leadership, Class of 2023
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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