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MSS Facilitator Julie Lurie and PTS Spiritual Director celebrate the Master of Spiritual Science grads at PTS Graduation June 21, 2023

We Are all the Same in Our Source, Yet Unique in Our Path

Should I attend graduation?

When I first heard about the graduation for my Masters in Spiritual Science (MSS), self-pace course, I glossed over the thought of attending.  The programme was honestly fantastic, but my history with graduations came with a few hurts and bruises.  On automatic pilot, I dismissed attending in person or online and allowed my past to project onto my future.  My Bachelor of Science graduation had been a strange and unfulfilling experience at age 21 and as such I skipped my Masters of Science Graduation from the University of Birmingham a few decades later.

Then Spirit gave me the dilemma.  I am exceedingly proud of my big sister, Joanne Avison, who was also graduating this year, receiving her Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) degree.  She was double booked with a previous work commitment somewhere in Europe.  In ministering to her feelings about this, I witnessed her evaluate her priorities and be really honest regarding her commitment to God and herself.  She wanted in her heart and Soul to fully honour herself and be physically present to be hooded by the Traveller, John Morton.  Once she had accepted this, all her re-arrangements fell into place and the energy seemed to be cleared.

This triggered me thinking about what I really wanted.  I knew she would have loved me to join her at Prana, but a 10,776 mile round trip  was out of the question with other commitments I had.  I want to do my DSS and realised I was dismissing my MSS.  I started to think about my journey and what was right for me.  I wanted to attend graduation online, to honour myself and my sister.  I will come to Prana for my DSS graduation and be hooded by the traveller.  That’s my intention.

With that decided, I attended the rehearsal which was hilarious.  All sorts of things went wrong, got missed and got fixed.  People had to stand in for other people and were doing great mimicking with love and humour, including someone pretending to be Eric Lumiere and singing a song, not quite as well as Eric does.  The lightness that came through with Spirit and the humour was fabulous.

On the day of graduation I was able to log in easily and the energy was palpable.  Three of us from England graduated, two online and one in person.  Our friends and relatives could also attend easily.  Each of us received our MSS degrees with huge joyous grins.  Along with everyone else, each person had a different and unique journey to this moment, this point in upliftment.  I felt in that moment that we are all the same in our energy source and connection, yet unique in the steps taken to arrive at this point.  Every single person, whether in person, online or in absentia was recognised for their uniqueness.  It was a wonderful experience and a beautiful completion of the MSS 2 year programme.  And what a blessing for me and my sister to be present at each other’s graduation simultaneously, while physically miles apart.

Caroline Khambatta receiving her Master of Spiritual Science degree online at PTS Graduation, June 21, 2023. Photo by Nathalie Franks

What I haven’t mentioned is all the work that went on behind the scenes to make this event happen.  Information on ordering gowns were sent out by Aspen Sullivan, a video on how to make your certificate appear to be handed to you through your computer screen was sent out, staring Gaby Grigorescu and Hugo Alvarado.  There was very obviously a huge amount of work from more people than I can mention.  Maria Jose Maranon (MJ) was diligently introducing each person during graduation to ensure names were pronounced accurately.  MJ the level of service and dedication you consistently demonstrate, day in and day out, is a constant inspiration to me.  There are so many others who have contributed to this magical event, you know who you are and what you did.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so glad I cleared my old relationship towards graduation (using forgiveness, freeform writing etc.) and participated in the PTS experience with Sherie’s gorgeous energy, amongst others.

The MSS kind of lifts you a little at a time, ending with a real exponential upliftment.  My thanks go to all the people who made this possible and I will pre-thank all of you I will join in DSS, Spirit permitting.  Again, you know who you are so please receive this acknowledgment.

Love and Light to all our international kindred Light bearers and our unique paths through the learnings from MSIA and PTS.  I love and appreciate how hard so many have worked to ensure the Traveller’s teachings are accessible globally.  What amazing work is being done as I witness greater accessibility to all these materials. Thank you all.

I am so glad I participated in this beautiful ceremony.

Blessings to everyone,

Caroline Khambatta MSS
Master of Spiritual Science
Class of 2023

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Starting in September 2023, Peace Theological Seminary is offering the following MSS course:

MSS Year 2

Applications are available now at  Login and click on Graduate Study Applications in the upper left navigation.

You can also contact Gaby Grigorescu at for more info about the MSS class.

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    Caroline you are amazing. I love you. You inspire me. You stand by me. You honour yourself and all you work with. I am so blessed to have had you as my 2nd birthday present and be gifted again and again and again every day with your presence. This is beautiful – thank you. For being you. My heart expands at the thought of putting our journey to Prana for your DSS graduation in the light. Watch this space. My deep thanks to everyone involved. Such an honour to be your sister. XOX

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