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Traveler John Morton takes sharing at the PAT One Accord Retreat at Nof Ginosar on the PTS Tour of the Holy Land 2023

Day 8 PTS Tour of Israel

A full day of PAT (Peace Awareness Training) processes, spiritual exercises and sharings with John. And a special treat in the evening—a ministers’ meeting broadcast live from our retreat center in Israel, an MSIA first. For days we’ve been struggling with the internet connection here, and how NOW Productions pulled this off (they’re the audio-visual-tech department of MSIA) seems like a miracle.

I don’t have much to say, as my body, mind and emotions are preoccupied with the healing bliss of the energy that’s stirred and shaken into existence by 100 people drinking in the Spirit together. I’m looking through the wrong end of the binoculars, and the external world, and any kind of concern about it, or desire to alter it, or interpret, question, inhabit, touch, play with, judge, or nudge it even a millimeter, or enter into its drudgery, seem about as appealing as jumping into a vat of dog fudge.

Luckily they let me try to express what I’m feeling inside by playing music and J-R excerpts at these things, otherwise I’d be flat out on the floor rolling around in some kind of ecstasy. Or maybe it’s not so lucky, maybe it’s God’s way of keeping me in my body. He’s my love but he’s such a tease—more so than any woman could ever be. Always giving me a glimpse and then pulling away. Or maybe, since J-R says if you don’t feel close to God guess who moved, I’m the tease.

There are a few photos taken through the wrong end of the binoculars. Good luck trying to get any kind of sense through them of what’s really going on here.

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  1. Rebecca Bloomfield

    So grateful for this blog, David. My body is in the hospital caring for my husband while my heart and spirit are with the 100 through you. What a blessing.

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