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The road to Jerusalem, PTS Tour of the Holy Land 2023

Day 14 PTS Tour of Israel

Today’s menu includes walking on the Mount of Olives. Church of the Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer) with the Lord’s Prayer written in all the world’s languages in ceramics. Some little crowded domed place where Jesus did something or other. Garden Tomb (where Jesus may have been buried), Garden of Gethsemane. In honor of the Garden of Gethsemane I’m getting some sleep just like the apostles did, and the same guy who wrote down the story there when the apostles were all asleep can write the article.

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1 thought on “Day 14 PTS Tour of Israel”

  1. David, thank you for all your beautiful photos and connective writing!
    I , like many others have been following the Traveler’s Holy Land trip through your vibrational frequency. You have made it very easy for me to stay connected. In a way, I can feel the exhaustion and joy of the group as you get ready to go home.
    These last 2 weeks with the energy of the group holding and planting Light Columns is a ministry to our planet.
    I use your photos to plant Light columns along with the group. Each photo you take holds a quantum field at a moment of time which I can access to add a column of Light in support.
    Thank you David for being you and the Light you carry.

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