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Leigh Taylor-Young, the first time John-Roger asked her to Call in the Light

Be Still

This Blessed Season of the Christ Mass profoundly welcomes us into a more direct and dynamic access to the Presence of God, the Holy Presence.   We also are most often exposed to challenges, stress, loneliness, lostness and unknowing.  How ironic and yet how like living in a world of duality.  The dance between the Divine, the joy, the Peace, and the Testing.

I love Psalm 46:10.  For me it holds keys to finding the equilibrium that is available at this time and always.

“Be Still and Know that I am God”.

When I was very young before I found MSIA, during the Christmas season, I had fun removing a few words incrementally and then pose the new phrase to myself as the day’s meditation:

Be still and know that I Am.
And that would be my day’s meditation.

Be still and know.
The next day’s meditation.

Be still.
The next meditation

Fullness, peace, stillness inside me.

    What If, in the middle of the stress, the urgency, the disturbance, you just Stop, and tell yourself
Ask for God’s voice, Ask for God’s stillness to enfold you.  Let go and Let God.  Relax and be patient. Then, claim and allow yourself to KNOW "I am God”.  No matter if you believe it, claim it.  Speak it.
“I am God”.
Feel it.
“I am God”.
Listen for a moment, surrender your noise and receive the embrace of your own awareness.
“Be Still, and know that I am God”.
Our beloved Travelers, J-R and John, have given their lives sharing the way to fulfill this message of Lord Jesus Christ, “Ye are Gods!”.  They give, and give more to show us The Way to this beingness.

John-Roger circa 1985

Let us give ourselves a personal challenge to BE the living ‘Thank You’, as we stand up inside ourselves in the stillness and sound of God, celebrate Goodness, touch to each other, friend or stranger with the radiation of the Living Loving of the Christ.  We are all Gods in the making.

God Bless us all in this season of the Cosmic Christ.

I love you,


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  1. Dearest Leigh,
    YES! you are a writer, an author, filled with wisdom. I’m so grateful that you are sharing now on the eNew Day Herald with all of us. Would love to see you have a column every month sweet lady. God bless you dearly, Marjorie

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