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Intercessory Prayer Groups

I was inspired to write this short article about our daily intercessory prayer group gatherings.

Samaneh Vaezi, Connie Stomper, and Vania Grimalt lead these nightly/daily intercessory prayer groups. We gather at different times both in the states and Europe, and now in Chile, to come together and do the intercessory prayer and Spiritual Exercise’s (SE’s) for a period of 15 minutes approximately. Connie Stomper started the Intercessory prayer group 2 years ago and she offers it daily at 7pm Pacific time.

The energy is so sweet in our Europe prayer group. We have representatives from Germany, France, the UK, Spain, South America, LA, Iran, Canada, Switzerland etc. Each meeting our group says ‘hello in their language’ it brings such a sweetness to the meeting. We then listen to the clip about ‘Intercessory Prayer’ by John-Roger. Then someone calls in the light, and adds on the light prayer that our energy of light be sent to the spiritual realms, and that the messengers of light and the archangels can take this light and send it to areas of the planet where it is needed, for the highest good.  We then chant Ani-hu and do Spiritual Exercises for 15 minutes. . Since we spend most of the time in the call doing silent SE’s, we ask that people are at least on Discourses or SATs.

After the end of SE’s, Samaneh reads out different quotes by John-Roger. Our beloved Connie researches and sends out J-R quotes daily in an email to all who attend the calls.  The quotes pertain to peace, handling negativity, etc. These are so valuable at this time on the planet. They are like golden nuggets of wisdom from J-R and John Morton. “Thank you Connie”.

Then the group says “Good night, good bye, see you tomorrow”, all in our own languages and we all giggle and laugh like school children. What a joy to serve in this way. Please come and join us if you would like to.

John-Roger often reminded us:  “Where two or more are gathered there I am also.” {Matthew 18:20}

See below for the contact details and times and zoom links. Please contact Connie Stomper (Los Angeles), Samaneh Vaezi (Europe), Vania Grimalt (Chile):

7PM PDT Los Angeles [15 min] DAILY Intercessory Prayer

Open to Discourse/SAT subscribers
Contact Connie Stomper for the link

12PM PDT / 9PM CET Paris [15 min] DAILY Intercessory Prayer
Open to Discourse/SAT subscribers
Contact Samaneh Vaezi for the link.

5PM PDT / 10PM CLST Santiago  [15 min] DAILY Intercessory Prayer
Open to discourse/SAT subscribers
Contact Vania Grimalt for the link



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