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Focus on the Positive and Your Divine Nature

“The Traveler understands you are going to forget and have lapses, stumble, and fall.  You will get your hands dirty.  We are ready for that.  We would appreciate it if you would clean up, clear up and put yourself back in order as best you can.” – John Morton

This new and timeless article and blessing come from a sharing session John had with an “Intention, Health, Openness and Prosperity” (IHOP) class in January 2017.

One of the universal stories about embodying in this world is that we come from a better place in order to do it.  That is important as a reference point.  It’s not like we are bringing in a lower nature.  We’re bringing in the soul that has a higher nature than the psychic bodies.

It’s about layers.  There is a layer, then there is another layer and then another.  Eventually there is a physical world layer.  If you go back through those iterations of the soul embodying itself, there is a kind of repetition. Layer upon layer.  Having a memory of your origin, your source, is in your favor.

As we took on the layering of the lower nature, we may have protested and resisted.  It’s a rebellious nature that is also in the mind and/or the emotional state.  I am being very simple now.  We need to release the rebellious, resistant nature.  Release the protest, but not in a way where you are condemning yourself, like punishing a child by saying, “You’re grounded for another week!”  What child enjoys that treatment?  Self-condemnation towards your process is not helping.

It is more important that you lift the judgment and have positive regard, going towards unconditional positive regard.  Then you are going towards the loving consciousness.  That is what’s really important.

In MSIA, we try to do it as a direct line, a direct shot.  We don’t do it in twenty-eight steps if we can do it in one.  It is like John-Roger talking about cutting a dog’s tail off.  Don’t do it in five whacks, just do it in one.   If we have to clear the rebellion, resistance, and judgment, let’s do it all at once rather than a little at a time.  Sometimes, that is very frustrating, but it’s really important to clear the judgments.

The Traveler inside you is a consciousness.  When we understand who the Traveler is, it becomes “I am the Traveler.”  Yes, of course you are.  For a while it is practical to be in an “I-Thou” relationship, that the Traveler was greater than you.  You would get down and bow.  That humbleness of your ego is healthy.  We could call it submission, but I like to call it surrender and acceptance.  I am letting go of my position so I can be entirely in with your position.  Your position is the Traveler in the divine nature.

We also call that the Christ as it steps itself down.  It is coming into the opening of this pure, whole spirit and nothing but the spirit.  One of the things the Traveler will do is deliver your karma to you.  If the Traveler has your karma as an initiate, then one of the things it’s going to do is dispense it back to you – in grace.  It is done in an intelligent way, in perfect timing, in perfect ways, even if you don’t agree because you don’t understand it.  Your lower nature would reject or try to resist it.

One of the reasons the Traveler doesn’t tell you when the karma is going to be released is so you can’t interfere.  You may ask, “Well Traveler, couldn’t you have told me?”   You would have tried not to be there or perhaps sabotage it.  You ask, “Why would I do that?”  Because that is your pattern.

The Traveler already knows how this story goes.  It goes that you overcome the world, the negative dimensions.  That is how it’s going, and the Traveler doesn’t let up on its end.  It is going to continue until the job is done.  All you need to do is keep up.

What does that mean?  It’s like breathing, but also asking, “Would you mind helping when you can?  Lend a hand and help yourself?  Clear yourself and keep somewhat out of trouble?”  That is appreciated.

The Traveler understands you are going to forget and have lapses, stumble, and fall.  You will get your hands dirty.  We are ready for that.  We would appreciate it if you would clean up, clear up and put yourself back in order as best you can.  There is plenty of help.

What you need spiritually doesn’t run out or have limitation.  Limitation is in the lower nature.  That should make perfect sense.  Of course, it’s in the lower nature.  In spirit, there is no limitation.  It is not necessary or needed.  It isn’t there.  Why is it needed in the lower nature?  Because we are not ready.  We can’t handle it.  We are not given what we cannot handle.  Spirit is practical.

Stay out of the lower vibrations that aren’t serving your higher progression.  Watch what you are doing.  Be vigilant and conscious.  Is it working?  If you realize it is a temptation of some kind, there is a law of reversibility coming around inviting you to get involved.  That is not a spiritual calling.  That’s a fascination.

Call on a higher power, so as not to do something in the negative, which couldn’t be done at the spiritual level.  Where would it be done?  It could be done at the magnetic level.  It could be familiar but it’s not necessary to get involved.

We don’t do psychic phenomenon.  It’s around and some people are very attracted and involved in it.  That is off-course from what we are focusing on.  If you are in it and it’s uplifting and working, okay.  When in doubt, check it out.  If you are not sure or there is a hesitation, give that some credence.

Lower natures can be stagnant in relation to the spirit.  Lower natures can’t keep up.  They are not at that frequency or rate.  Have compassion towards any sense of stagnation.  It is not big enough to interfere with what we are doing spiritually.

Focus on the positive.  Trust that if you need to know something, there is a watchfulness and you will have a sense of that.  It might be, “I’m having these fears and I am nervous.”  Let’s take a look around, put up the periscope and see what we find.  Check it out so that if we do find something in the waters, grace would let you steer clear of it. This can come through your dream state, or like a hunch or intuition.  It can come through common sense, like, “I know that’s not working for me, so I’m not going to do it.”

If it is a so-called “heavy karma” you have to go through, the Traveler goes through it with you.  What is it that the Traveler can’t handle in the negative realms?  It can handle it all.  The Traveler’s interest would be getting through as directly as possible with minimum negativity.  Take care of yourself.  Don’t do things that make it more difficult, make you suffer or cause trouble.  Any help with that is appreciated.

In a lot of ways, conform with what is in the world.  Get along in that way.  You are not exempt from the details in the world.  Don’t violate or try to get away with it.  In a way, just get it over with.  Minimize the involvement with the lower forms or things that don’t really matter in spirit.  Focus on the positive and your divine nature.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing of God’s Joy and Peace Everlasting

Let’s consider we have the blessing of the search
in the consciousness that’s still searching,
still looking, still exploring,
still trying to find what we’re looking for.

In that light that we know is the Christ and the Holy Spirit
and this consciousness that is the Traveler,
we now search for God.
We now search for the blessings of God.

In our openness, in this trust, we find we’re on solid ground with the blessings
and the consciousness that is God is already with us,
in the substance of our life, in what’s solid and true,
in what’s unshakeable.

It cannot be taken away, cannot be disturbed, cannot be forsaken.
It is already fulfilled, is holding safe and secure,
is preserved as the spiritual promise,
as those treasures always held in safekeeping until that moment,
that perfect moment,
when we are fully prepared and fully available.

In this blessing is all the opportunity to claim it as so.
What has been prepared, what we’ve been waiting for,
searching for, hoping for, wishing for, can be called forward.

In this silence is the patience,
the understanding that whatever we’re looking for,
it’s already in our midst.
It’s already present.
It’s in that consciousness within us we know it is God, our true and divine nature.

We can hear the laughter.
It strikes us funny that what we’ve been looking for,
what we’ve been searching for, has always been with us.
The search itself has been unnecessary, and yet the search is now being used.
We can see it because we know it.
We know it as our true nature.
It’s everlasting good, everlasting joy, peace, and harmony.

The presence that while we’re in this world,
while our eyes are always hungry what we seek to find,
we have the comfort in knowing it’s a grand adventure.
It’s a grand opportunity to keep moving,
to find our acceptance, to find our willingness
to embrace and contribute into all of these blessings,
all of what is already presented inside of us as the treasures,
that they become manifest more and more every day in every way.

So with the laughter, we can consider that God’s joke is upon us,
and we are the subject of God’s laughter.
We are vibrating in this joy, in this profound upliftment and fulfillment.
And there is peace everlasting.

Baruch Bashan

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