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The New Day Herald Is Now In ISSUU: The World’s Leading Digital Magazine Platform

So what is ISSUU?

Issuu is a popular digital publishing platform delivering an exceptional new reading experiences of magazines and newspapers on your choice of platform — computer, smart phone, or tablet. Check out this brief video to see how it works.

So why is the New Day Herald moving to Issuu?

There Are 2 Main Reasons.

Firstly, we are aware more people are accessing their MSIA information online and some are actually canceling their print NDH subscriptions. By bringing the NDH into a digital magazine format, MSIAer’s around the world will be able to receive their NDH immediately (no copies lost or delayed in the mail) and receive the benefit of vibrant content we can publish without limits in a digital format.

Secondly, issuu enables us to make the NDH available to new folks. Both to those searching for inspiring spiritual content online, and also via many of the most popular social media platforms.

Issuu gives our community a new easy and contemporary way to share the teachings with their online communities via many different social platforms, and directly with friends via email. And issuu gives us the ability to make the traveler’s teachings more accessible to folks all around the world searching online for spiritual information and inspiration.

Is the print version of the New Day Herald going away?

Our current plan is to move the bi-monthly New Day Herald exclusively to issuu starting with the May/June 2015 edition. We are looking at continuing to publish a print version, perhaps on a quarterly or twice a year basis. The details of how and when it will be available are still in progress. Stay tuned for more information. If you have any input or feedback about a print version of the NDH, please email with your thoughts.

Click the video below to find out how easy and powerful sharing the New Day Herald can be in Issuu.

View the January New Day Herald in it’s current print format currently in Issuu by clicking the image below. Our intention is to bring even more color, content, and style into the future issuu editions of the New Day Herald, starting with our upcoming one for March/April.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding NDH on issuu we’d love to hear from you. Please email

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