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Resting Point: Ways to Restore Your Energy



Your endless activity and “doing” can make you so tired that when you finally take a moment to stop, listen, and relax, you will often go to sleep out of habit.

A better choice would be to be present and alert and to listen past the inner conversations of the mind, listen past the sounds of the world, and just listen to the silence.  Listen attentively to whatever comes forward out of the silence.

If things start to distract and disrupt you, bring your focus back to the silence.  As many times as the silence is broken, you can refocus on listening to the silence one more time.

When you practice bringing your presence into the silence, you will experience a knowing and a wisdom that will start flowing within you.  It will usually bring you to a state of peace, calm, and clarity.

Then, if something comes to mind that needs to be done, instead of rushing into it, you will know that it can be accomplished in a relaxed way without breaking your connection with the inner silence.

How do you connect with the inner silence?

John Roger, D.S.S with Paul Kaye, D.S.S

This excerpt and other practical spiritual tips for restoring energy can be found in the book The Rest of Your Life: Finding Repose In the Beloved

2 thoughts on “Resting Point: Ways to Restore Your Energy”

  1. I connect to my innermost silence by becoming one with the quiet flame of a candle. My thoughts consciences, deep inner self all become one and the same.

  2. I close my eyes and do my best to bring my awareness inside of my body. Sometimes to my third eye – other times to my heart center. And I do my best just to observe and then to love and let go of absolutely all that I observe … Sometimes it’s easy and it brings me to this place of pure joy … bliss … very easily. And sometimes it takes me a lot longer … and I need to really forgive and let go of those things standing in my way …

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