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Blessings and Surprises

Article imageIt was like old times — or maybe it was a peek into the future. Whichever it was, there was a lot of buzz around the building at 2101 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica on the night of February 2. There was going to be a live presentation by MSIA Spiritual Director, John Morton.

One of the blessings was that John was going to be there. It is not often that he does a live event, and when he does, they are always special. Another blessing was that it was his gift to those attending, both in his participation and in that the evening was free. At least, those were the surface blessings.

The first surprise was that the large Brentwood Room was well filled with over 150 people. The second surprise was that a very large number of those people were new to MSIA. For whatever reason, people who knew of John’s extraordinary work were telling their friends, and apparently doing so with heartfelt enthusiasm, based on the turnout.

The next big surprise, at least for many, was that this was not going to be just a talk, or “seminar.” In conjunction with John’s new book, The Blessings Already Are (available in most major bookstores, undoubtedly available in one near you), and in conjunction with John’s upcoming trip to Florida, the evening was a “mini-workshop” focusing on the blessings in our lives.

John started the evening by saying that he really preferred to be home with his wife and children. However, he knew that Spirit would make this a special evening, so he found it a blessing to be there. In this genuine and uplifting way, John demonstrated how we can all find blessings in whatever comes our way in life.

In my own experience the hour and a half program was very powerful. Just as it started I learned of a change in some business plans, and I found myself distracted and knocked off my center over that. I was disturbed by the change and was tensing up. About ten minutes into the evening, John presented a “blessing” or prayer. As he brought it forward, I began to calm inside. While it didn’t completely dissipate, the tension I was feeling was considerably and notably lessened. As the evening progressed — and I was there to help out, so I did not even do the exercises that were presented — my disturbance was completely gone, replaced by a joyful peace.

I took it as an indication that, once again, John made real his belief that the blessings truly already are. I am getting better at seeing them in my own life — and they are certainly easier to experience when John is doing his work. Judging from the sea of smiling faces in the room at the end of the evening, I would say there were many who would agree with the assessment that this was an evening filled with surprises and blessings.

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