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The 10% Promise

Article imagePersonally, I had the feeling that people were “called” to this event. Many had come from across the country a day early for their PTS Class weekend, others drove in from around California to participate. One person was supposed to have been in Florida on vacation, but when his 7th plane reservation of the day fell through, he took the hint and flew back from Chicago to be at the gathering. (He ended up sharing with the Traveler.) All in all, nearly 300 people packed the Brentwood Room at MSIA’s building at 2101 Wilshire in Santa Monica on Thursday, March 16, for the Gathering of Joyful Givers, people who regularly tithe to the Traveler.

When he took the stage to bring up J-R and John, Church president Paul Kaye explained one of the finer points about tithing. The Bible directs us to tithe to the one who “instructs us in the Word.” For those studying in MSIA, that’s J-R and John. One of the richest men in the world, the Aga Khan, is head of one of the Muslim sects. His followers tithe directly to him (which, as Paul noted, is one of the reasons he is one of the richest men in the world). John-Roger has directed that the money tithed to him is to go to the church, MSIA. That is one reason the church is able to so beautifully disseminate the teachings into the world. It seemed to us that this is J-R’s gift to the church — and in a very tangible sense, his gift to each of us and everyone else who is willing to accept it.

With their way thus prepared, J-R and John stepped up for a two and a half hour Question & Answer marathon. From the first question to the last the Spirit in the room just became clearer and more intense. J-R and John shared responding, looking for all the world like loving father and son going about their Father’s Work. People sharing were often moved to tears of gratitude for the blessing of just being in the Presence of the Traveler that night.

I would love to repeat you some of what J-R and John shared that night. I regret that I am not up to the task. Maybe it can be summed up with this: God is your partner. You can accept his greater participation in all areas of your life — finances, health, family, relationships, sex — by giving back to Him 10% of what He gives you, and doing it with a joyful consciousness.

If you are a tither — a truly joyful giver — something inside of me says you were at the event and received full benefit. I simply can’t imagine the Traveler excluding anyone simply because of physical illusions like geography. If you aren’t a tither, then you’ll have to decide whether you were there or not. I’ll tell you this, though: the 10% admission doesn’t even come close to the value offered that night.

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