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Day 3 of the China Trip with the Travelers

Article imageThis is the second in a series of articles and images from NDH correspondent, David Sand, on the road in China with John-Roger, John Morton and 108 traveling peacemakers.

Join mildly crazed bus driver David Sand for a journey through the August 16 China trip:

On the bus and off the bus today. Left at 7:30 am for the Great Wall, through a beautiful area of Beijing (sleek, modern, could almost have been any contemporary Asian city or even parts of LA –even a new IKEA, and a new Disney-esque amusement park.

Then through the suburbs and countryside and off the bus for potty break.

Then onto cable cars up to the Great Wall of China.

We joined thousands of Chinese tourists climbing around this mind-boggling structure of the Great Wall. Gorgeous mountainous countryside.

John-Roger and John Morton are now on the tour and running around with the rest of us.
J-R’s brother Delile and his wife Elda are on the trip too, and Delile’s resemblance to J-R in appearance, body build, and even voice are uncanny.

Back on & off the bus for lunch at a nearby restaurant, and back on the bus bound for the imperial “Summer Palace”.

Don’t know how those emperors dealt with the heat, though–it must be 95 or 100 degrees and 90% humidity. We wander around the gardens, paths, grottoes, led by our own Steve Beimel, expert on oriental culture, along with oriental scholar Bill Ratliffe.

And of course the day would not be complete without Judi Goldfader kissing a fish-head at dinner, and a really inspired dinner concert with some top Chinese musicians.

We’re exhausted, drenched in sweat, ready for shower and bed–but of course having a great time. Some staff members have been cackling, hinting at what’s in store for us tomorrow.

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