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John Morton Live From The Road

Article imageOn John Morton’s recent travels with Vincent Dupont to Nigeria for MSIA events and to South Africa to participate in the Parliament of World Religions, John wrote email updates from the road about his adventures:


Hi There Nigerian Sports Fans;

Vincent and I are currently holed up in London Gatwick Airport. He’s upstairs in the British Airways lounge about 45 minutes into attempting to get on line doing a manual dial set-up on IBM Globalnet. Meanwhile I went two floors down to a USA traveler friendly Delta Crown Room lounge, and alas found some phones with real American dial tones. Hence you’re getting this special news flash in the middle the night where you are. Just thought you might want to know.

Our Lagos flight awaits us soon. Stay tuned for more exciting ventures,

A Traveler Guy


Hi there Africa Sports Fans;

I am writing this communiqu

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