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A Very Graceful “Living In Grace”

Article imageI had the pleasure of assisting at the Living In Grace Retreat at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA in December, 1999. It was the last Living In Grace Retreat of the century, and for me it truly lived up to its name.

PTS reported that this was the largest number ever attending a Living In Grace Retreat, with over 270 participants. Even so, from the first day of setting up for the event to the last day of packing everything up, grace prevailed.

Rachael Morgan and Richard Mitz facilitated with ease and excellence, and Chuck and Laila Millar led the assisting team with joy and lots of caring. We were entertained by the products assistants, especially the brightly-garbed singing trio of Judi Goldfader, Kevin McMillan and Paul Kaye.

We were even treated to a video, put together by Nancy Carter, from John Morton’s recent trip to Nigeria. Many people were moved to seed for the MSIA Nigerian community. The participants also did a seeding for the success of John’s first book “The Blessings Already Are.” Many shared their vision of John’s book being well received around the world.

The weather was beautiful throughout the event, allowing the group to take two meditation walks on the beach and enjoy the fresh air and seascape. And, of course, awesome sharing by J-R and John Morton were highlights for everyone.

If you haven’t yet participated in Living In Grace, make sure to give yourself this gift in 2000. You’ll treasure the experience throughout the year. The dates are already set for Dec. 11-17, so make sure to get your prerequisites completed (PAT I, PAT II, PAT III, Aura balance 1, 2, 3) and sign up early for Living In Grace 2000. You can register in the Calendar section of this web site.

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