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Highlights of Los Angeles Book Event with John Morton & John-Roger

Article imageOn Monday evening, July 31st, a grand evening was had at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Westside Pavilions with the authors, John Morton of “The Blessings Already Are”, and John-Roger of “Loving Each Day”. The excited audience of over 120 people gave John-Roger a joyous standing ovation as he was enthusiastically introduced by Katie Layman, the Community Relations Manager. J-R in his own inimitable fashion had us laughing away as he warmly prepared the audience for John.

John Morton moved to the essence immediately and was soon taking deep sharings from the crowd about situations in their lives where they were finding it challenging to see the blessings that were indeed present in the midst of the hardships. The group joined with John to bless each person who shared and participate in receiving of the blessings that were being extended in the moment and throughout the evening.

Though we started the night with piles of “The Blessings” books and the “Loving Each Day” books, soon all books were gone and more needed to be ordered. In all over 150 plus books were sold, and the loving authors sat and signed each and every book that was brought to them continuing to pass on the Blessings and the Loving to all who came to them.

John-Roger and John Morton will be doing double author book events this coming September at the Barnes and Noble Yale Bookstore in New Haven, Connecticut, on Wednesday evening, Sep 20, at the Borders in Braintree, Massachusetts(near Boston) on Thursday evening, Sep 21, and at the Armchair Bookstore in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod on Saturday afternoon, Sep 23.

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