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Are You Trying or Doing?


John-Roger, May 2005.

Do not be afraid to do the Lord's work, because it doesn't matter if the whole world is against you if you've got the Sugmad on your side. - John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald, November 2005.

Just under the Sugmad of the Supreme Reality there is a band of Light, and in this band of Light are the Silent Ones. The Silent Ones cannot be named. It’s very hard to tell you about the line of masters that MSIA functions through, because we get to a point where we can no longer tell you. They must remain unnamed. But the Silent Ones carry on all work of all universes. They can come in any form at any time—as a rock, or a leaf, or a frog, or anything they desire in order to do the work that is set up by the Sugmad.

This is the band that we are working under. It comes right out of this band of the Silent Ones. Many of you have, at times, sensed them in seminars. It feels like something you can’t put your finger on, but you keep trying to identify them. They do not have free will, they do not have free choice, they do not have anything, because they have everything—because they are performing all actions. It becomes a paradox, doesn’t it?

The Silent Ones will often appear as a great flowing energy, and then move so fast that you’ll think, “What was that? Was someone there?” It’s not like an entity from the other realms, where you see them and then they go. You don’t even really see or sense or know the Silent Ones, but you still do. They’ll just dip in and back out again, and can relate worlds of information to you within a second, just by touching into your auric frequency.

To become a Silent One is much higher than being a Mystical Traveler. The rigors and the training that they go through would make the Mystical Travelers look like Sunday school boys on their first day. Maybe that gives you an idea of what the Sugmad is. It’s hard to put that down in words so you can work with it, because when we open up the higher consciousness into that, everything becomes one anyway. But it has to be put within your consciousness so that someday, it will come up and you’ll recognize it and say, “Oh yes, now I see that because I have been exposed to it.”

Do not be afraid to do the Lord’s work, because it doesn’t matter if the whole world is against you if you’ve got the Sugmad on your side. They can’t be against you anyway, because God cannot be against Himself. But God can’t be for Himself either, because He just is. And since we are Gods in various levels of understanding and dimension and awareness and aptitude, it becomes very easy to enter into the state that we need to be in for Soul travel, and that is a state of detachment. We don’t have to go towards anything to get there, because we’re already there. And if we go against it we are only pushing against ourselves. So all we do is just stand and hold the Light.

I’ll show you how that works by telling you a story. A long time ago I had been pushing to perceive another dimension by stepping forth from the body in a unique way, a way I hadn’t experienced before, even though I’d been out of the body many times. I was “trying” and I was saying, “How do I get into that?” It was much the same as you people say: “Now how do I get out of the body, how do I do Soul travel, how do I get out?” This is the same problem that you people work with, if we can describe it as a problem: How do I do this?

I was really trying to force myself out, which you can do. You can will yourself out of the body, if you can be dynamic enough. But you may have a hard time getting back in, and the aches and pains can last for a long, long time. So I would step out of the body in the Soul body and perceive it all clearly. Then I’d go back into the body, and think, “I can’t get there from here, because you have to be over there to get there.”

So I went very high to the realms of consciousness where I could have a total awareness, and having the total awareness, I could see how to do what I wanted to do. But it’s possible to have total awareness and still not know how to do it, because your mind cannot comprehend total awareness. Only your Soul can comprehend total awareness. So I came back in the body and still couldn’t do it.

It was hard. I sat there, and I thought I’d come into all positions, so I assumed some yoga positions, and that didn’t work. So I thought, “I’ll put a strain upon the body and maybe that will do it.” I tried fasting, thinking I’d starve it into submission. I took a lot of vitamins and minerals thinking that would do it. Then I thought, “Well, I’ll throw my system out of whack. I’ll load it up with one thing and maybe that will do it.” I really did a lot of things, believe me. It must have been thirty or forty things. Then one night I was sitting in a chair and I said, “Nobody can do this, and who needs God anyway?” And I sat down and went right out of the body into that other dimension, because I gave up.

When I first got out of the body, it was because I let go and stepped back and went. That’s all I had to do, but I had to do it verbally. I was so disgusted after all the time I had spent. It was like having a million dollars right in front of you and you can’t move. You can see it right there, and you know if you can touch it, it’s yours, and yet you can’t put your hand out. So when I finally said, “Who needs it anyway, I don’t want it,” then all of a sudden it was in my lap and I never had to reach out for it. It’s really so simple. But we hang our mind out there on it, which is what I did.

I really did learn a lesson, and because I’ve experienced it I can tell you how not to do it. I was so absolutely detached from it after all the things I had done that hadn’t worked. All along I knew how to let go and let God, but until I went through all those things, “trying” was all that got done.

All the sages through all of the ages have said when you stop trying, when you let go and let God, you get it. And we say don’t desire, because the more you desire, the more you are blocked in, because that’s attachment. So you say, “If I want it how am I going to get it?” “If I don’t desire, how can I get it?” And, “If I don’t try, how do I know that’s where I’m going?” You see the questions you can bring to yourself. Sometimes I’ll even say, “I don’t want it,” so I can have it. And then you sit there and say, “I don’t want it,” and you don’t get it. But, you see, that doesn’t work because you really did want it, so who are you fooling?

In the state of evolvement where many of us find ourselves, we have to feel like we’re doing something, or else we’re doing nothing. For me to say, “Now, don’t do anything this week,” doesn’t work. I’m not saying to do nothing, but to desire nothing. Let me just clarify one thing here, because a lot of times people say, “Well, yeah, but does that mean I have to give up my home, or my car?” We say no, it doesn’t mean you have to do that, but it does mean that you should be able to do that, where you could turn and walk away because you got something just as good somewhere else. But if you’re going to hang on, then you may find that it gets ripped right out of your hands, because often what you fear will come to you.

The difference between this Movement and many others is that the others try to intellectualize God consciousness, and all we do is just open to it and let it flood through. It shuts off when we no longer need it, and then we come back with the knowledge. That’s how I get the information in a seminar. I don’t have to go anywhere. I just open the gate and let it flood through, and it comes through faster than you can come close to comprehending. A certain part that I need stands out, and I tell it to you, and that’s it.

So I’m not burdened with trying to be God here in the flesh. I let those other guys do it. I just go up to it and open to it, which, by the way, is easy. I stopped trying. I really did just stop. And suddenly I was there.
Baruch Bashan.

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