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Loving Spiritual Exercises

Article imageQuestion: For a few months, I have been having great difficulty focusing on my tone. I begin chanting and then realize I am off on other thoughts. I pull myself back to my tone, and I am off again. What can I do?

Answer: You can always benefit from the discipline and dedication that comes from doing spiritual exercise and chanting your tone regardless of your experience. Look for how you can focus on holding the Light and being loving as you find resistance and boredom with the process. Have compassion for your process of learning and growing as you navigate this temporary state of doldrums. Look for the deeper experience that is always found in what appears as invisible and silent. Be the spiritual scientist that you are by observing your experience and later reflecting upon your observations which could include writing in your journal or to the Traveler. Be happy in your trust and faith that you are well on your way to fulfilling the spiritual promise that was made to you when you first incarnated into the psychic material worlds.

Baruch Bashan

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