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The Fifth Dimension, Sacred Geometry and My Connection with God

Article imageThis year at MSIA’s Conference, John-Roger mentioned two concepts that have meant a great deal to me in my spiritual unfoldment; our five dimensional world and sacred geometry. These two ways of looking at the universe, for me, melded all the 15+ years of MSIA teachings I have come to know and love and enabled me to consciously connect with the source, with God. I’d like to share my experience of these concepts with you.
Most people are comfortable with the idea that we live in a four dimensional time-space continuum. Today, many physicists and metaphysicists are saying that we live in a five dimensional world of quantum probabilities. Gary Zukav explains quantum physics: “According to quantum mechanics, a subatomic particle is not like a particle of dust. Rather, subatomic particles are tendencies to exist and correlations between macroscopic observables. They have no objective existence. This means that we cannot assume that particles have an existence apart from their interactions with a measuring device.” And the measuring device we use most often is our mind.
Chaos theory and quantum mechanics clearly demonstrate that the elemental behavior of the universe is at least partially determined by the act of observing the behavior. The physical existence of the universe in the next moment is only a tendency, not a certainty. We exist within a quantum wave function. The structure of the universe is a function of consciousness, the focus of attention, and vibrational intensity.
Tell me if you have heard this before: “Spirit is always evolving, exploding and imploding all at the same time. It’s chaos. And out of the chaos comes creation in its finest state and beingness, and almost in the moment of its happening, it’s past. It is an ongoing process.” Hint: Innerphasing for Multidimensional Consciousness by J-R.
OK, so I understand how protons, electrons, quarks, etc. are just tendencies to exist, and really more of a vibrational frequency than a physical, tangible object. But how does it really work in the universe? How are we and everything else in the universe connected to Spirit in (what looks like) this physical, tangible world?
Enter sacred geometry. Sacred geometry provides precise “rules” to manifest pure energy in the universe; for God and Spirit to take form. Sacred geometry, like any other mathematical and scientific discipline, has a provable set of rules by which the quantum wave emanating out of God takes shape, form and function.
The most powerful rules use ratios to translate Spirit. These ratios are easily found in nature and most everything in the universe. One ratio, the phi ratio (approximately .618:1), is very special. The nature of the phi ratio allows it to be fractal and recursive (infinitely compressable), and it can add to itself nondestructively. Simply stated, when form takes place with the phi ratio, it goes on indefinitey—it can self-repeat forever. You can also add an unlimited amount of like phi-ratio waves to the form without disrupting or destroying any of them.
So what? Well, research indicates that one of the most pure phi-ratio forms is loving and compassion. How many times have we been advised to “love everything?” Here’s why—when we do, we can quickly and effectively translate the wave function coming out of God and Spirit directly to this level in the form of Loving! Wow, it is simple; not easy, but simple.
Now, back to our quantum wave for a moment. We know that this comes out of Spirit (out of God comes all things, and all things come out of God). I now have the experience that I am not separate from God. The energy emanating out of God has been ordered and transformed to create me and everything in my life. I am a direct manifestation of God and Spirit.
And, how do we, as the same kind and quality of Spirit, interact with this great force and power? We interact directly with Spirit through our vibrational energies of our thoughts and emotions, consciously and unconsciously. Every thought we think, every emotion we sense, our consciousness of love and grace—all interact directly with this wave. Our “reality”—physical, emotional, mental, etc.—is the interaction of the wave flowing out of Spirit and our own thought/emotional waves. They are completely tied together, working together, all the time—no breaks, no time-outs, ongoing and always. And that is the good—no, great—news!
Sometimes for me this physical plane seems so real; my emotions seem so real, my thoughts seem so real. I frequently need to stop and remember the other half of the equation—that these vibrational energies interact directly with Spirit and God, and that I am spirit in the same kind and quality; I am a creator.
I now know this. What a breakthrough. To the Travelers, all my Love.

Gregg Wilson is an active MSIA initiate and minister, and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. He can be reached via email at

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