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Where are Health, Wealth, and Happiness?
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This John Morton article previously appeared in the New Day Herald in October, 2010.

“If you commit yourself to loving and caring and sharing, abundance, prosperity, and health, those are entirely in line with what you are and who you are in this world. So they apply regardless of the changes in the world.” – John Morton

Your consciousness is always speaking to you. It asks questions that in some ways say, “Where am I going? What am I doing?” These questions are like a prompting within.

One of the things you may do while you’re questioning or wondering is to go into confusion or unclarity about what’s going on. You may experience a sense of not being connected or in disharmony with what you’re doing. In that situation you can ask, “Where is the question coming from?”

That question is an indicator of what you would consider to be a high priority for your consciousness. Just knowing that, you have a good idea of what you can give yourself over to. So pay attention to that question. Give credence to it. Allow for it. Be open to whatever that is. Realize that it’s like an invitation of where to go and what to do. It’s always going to be answered in this moment, because there really is no other moment.

Even the best plans are subject to “what is.” We can get very excited and think we know exactly what we’re doing. And then reality will say, “Well not exactly.” But that was the correct response in that moment. You just misapplied it because you considered that it was “from now on,” and it really was not. It is for right now.

When you say, “That’s the way it’s always going to be,” you should know that this is not a world where anything is “always going to be.” The constant here is change. That means anything that we assume will be later is just that—an assumption. It’s far better to prepare yourself so you know that anything can change, so you have flexibility and openness. This is where commitment shows up. What are you committed to?

If you commit yourself to loving and caring and sharing, abundance, prosperity, and health, those are entirely in line with what you are and who you are in this world. So they apply regardless of the changes in the world.

One of the things that gets us into trouble is that we look for the health and prosperity out here, and we attempt to manifest it out here, as if it’s some kind of outer reality. The reality is that health is inside of you. As you resonate with what is healthy for you, your health can express, radiate and manifest through how you feel and what people feel from you. Your vibration transmits, so that others can feel your health, and sense your vitality and the clarity of your energy.

Of course if their mechanism for doing that is in some way compromised, then they wouldn’t necessarily get a good read on how you’re doing. One of the things that people do is to look to someone to reflect who they are. But the problem comes when we don’t realize that what we’re seeing is something that’s none of our business, like when we try to see what’s going on for someone else. It’s often not our level of concern. We can relate to it and come into harmony with it, but it’s not for our doing.

If I somehow assign to myself what’s going on with you, then I’ve done a disservice, and that gets confusing. I may have seen you through a filter. So when I look at you, you don’t look well to me. The reality is that my filter is an “unwell” filter, and when I look through it nobody looks well. Everybody looks sick or unhappy or disturbed. Even the person who’s laughing and smiling looks like they just don’t realize how unhappy they are. This consciousness says, “I’m the one who’s well here because I realize how bad things are.” At some point you get a chance to realize that filtering doesn’t work.

In that situation, my question would be, “Is that how you want your life to be?” Not, “Is it true?” Forget about that question, because the response will be, “I’m a realist. The world’s all screwed up, and the people who really get what’s going on in this world know how screwed up the world is, and how stupid it is, and how it’s just a big mess of hypocrisy, and the big hope is that one day we’ll just be put out of our misery, and that’s the only thing we have to look forward to.”

Forget about that. What do you want?

When I’ve asked a person who’s really deeply disturbed and functioning from a negative reference point what they really want, it’s amazing how they don’t want to answer that question. They don’t want to go there because it represents a risk. They often respond, “Well, if I think that things could be better and I start getting my hopes up and I start allowing myself to want things to be better, that’s a setup, because, sure enough, I’ll be let down, I’ll be disappointed, I’ll be betrayed. So there’s no point in getting my hopes up. I’m smart to stay defensive, to stay shut down.”

Why am I telling you this? Because everybody at some point has done a disservice to themselves by choosing to be shut down, choosing to withdraw, choosing to perceive things in the negative and, as a creator, to cause that to become a reality. There’s a place in the Bible which is an excellent reference point for how to get along in this world. It goes something like this: “The evil of today is sufficient.” [Matthew 6:34] And the way I translate that is, “Look, if it’s bad it’s bad enough, so don’t make it worse.” If there’s pain, that’s enough pain. Don’t bring more pain. Use your creativity to make it better. That’s available to you.

Consider that you’re the effect of your past existence, however far back that goes. So you’re still at the end of the effects of any poor choice you made. Why? Because these things reverberate. They come into manifestation.

What’s been sown isn’t reaped immediately. It’s put into a cycle. A primary way it works is you’re given what you can handle. It may sound strange, and you may ask, “You mean, I’m creating more negativity than I can handle?” I say, “Yes.” Well, how did you do that?

God has mercy on you, so even though you were creating greater negativity than you could handle, the law says it gets put into a repository where the karmas will come upon you when you’re ready and can handle them. You may say, “I’ll get to that later.” Yes, you will, but not necessarily in the timing of your choosing. The karma has its own independence. You’re in your “laters” now.

One of the blessings is coming into consciousness and awareness, into accord with and going toward the highest consciousness available to you. What would that be? God. The God? Yes. Remember the one with all things that are possible. That God. You may wonder, “What does that mean?”

It means that whatever God can do is yours. Do you have the wit to ask for it? Do you have the wit to allow for it? Do you have the wit to choose it? To create it?

Start with the highest God who is the source of the highest good. Why would you do anything less? Go for the very best available to you now. What’s the very best available to you right now?

My point of view is — give that to God. Are you humble enough to put your personal will aside? Would you do that when your ego loves to hang on to it? It loves to be in control, to take charge.

When we say, “I want to do it myself,” in some ways that sounds good. But have you considered that God is yourself? And who is the self? Is it your personality? Is it what you do? Is it what you know? Is there a bigger self that, for practical purposes, you don’t even know yet? Maybe you have yet to meet it, but that’s actually who you are, and you’re so unconscious you don’t even realize your true self. It would be more accurate to spell that “Self”, with a capital S.

So the big question is are you willing to give yourself over to your God-self? And how do you do that? By surrendering.

Your problems come when you’ve given yourself over consciously and honestly to something less than what is best. And that seems strange. Why would you do such a thing? Because you assumed you weren’t good enough, so then you gave yourself over to something you thought was better than you. Poor choices often come from a sense of fear or some other reaction.

There’s no urgency in Spirit, so as soon as you function out of some sense of urgency, watch out. How does the Spirit function? In this level it looks like gradualness. It looks like moving from here to there easily, effortlessly, clearly. There’s a sense of, “I can do that.” It’s functioning in what you can do. It’s functioning in who you are.

Spirit never demands something of you what you cannot deliver. Who would do that? A false self. That’s a setup to get you to think you should be doing something you have no business doing. It’s not yours. It’s not real. It’s not true. Well, then why would you be attempting to do it? Because you have a sense of lack about yourself, a mistrust. So what should you do? Trust yourself.

One of the great questions is, “What are you pretending not to know?” And that’s similar to, “I don’t want to look at that.” Why?

You might say, “Well, someone in the world will disagree with my trust in myself and punish me or reject me, denounce me or exile me.”

Who is the me that we’re talking about? When you look at yourself, you’re not your body, you’re not your personality, you’re not your house, you’re not your bank account, you’re not your car. You’re not any material thing. So why do you have such big concern over those things? Perhaps you feel attached. All right, that’s human. It’s ordinary to find yourself feeling attached when you really like something. Those are the ways we experience attachment. Yet, there’s a freedom in that. A lack of freedom would be, ” I have to have it or I have to not have it,” instead of letting it be what it is.

So you can put out what you want and whatever shows up, you can be accepting, be accommodating, be cooperating, be trusting. You can say, “Okay, even though what showed up here isn’t what I thought should be or expected, or wanted, I’m trusting God knows best, and all the things that manifest have been allowed through God’s perfection.”

So here we are in God’s perfection, and how do we come into the realization of that? I think, practically speaking, it’s learning how to be neutral. You can choose to function without any attachment, and with freedom toward all. One of the ways you’re going to know you’re doing that is you’ll be grateful as you go through the process.

What does grateful mean? It means I’m happy the way I am. I’m happy with how things are. So if they get better, I’m even more happy. What if they don’t come your way the way you like? Can you still be happy? Yes, because my happiness is functioning independently of what goes on in the world. That’s the truth of the soul. It functions in its well-being, in its joy, in its peace, independent of what’s in the world. It’s not attached.

What gets attached? The magnetic levels that are around the soul, the layers of consciousness that become the personality, that become the human being, that are subject to the negative flows and the positive flows. And those are just polarities. The sun rises, the sun sets. The tide comes in, the tide goes out. It’s day, it’s night. It’s up, it’s down. It’s arbitrary. But you can use your creativity to emphasize what you like and what you want, and the test will always be whether you can do that while you maintain your freedom. Can you be involved in this and participate in that and still stay free?

The master is the one that stays free regardless. It’s as if it walks with immunity. The master maintains its freedom. It functions in the freedom that allows a transcendent consciousness. Are you functioning in your transcendental nature that knows how to be beyond the magnetism, beyond the polarity?

The moon goes into a certain phase and the tide shifts, and I can feel that in my body. But that’s my body, and the parts that are subject to the astrology, the numerology, the genotype, etc. These are all influences functioning in the magnetic levels. But you’re bigger than all that, and maintaining that bigness takes awareness. You keep your awareness expanded, and in that expanded awareness you’re in a big field. So you’re very aware physically or you’re very aware emotionally or mentally or psychically or spiritually. And by opening up the consciousness and being expanded you can experience your multidimensionality and be functioning on all these levels simultaneously, learning how to do them well.

Who really has the consciousness to do all the levels at once? That’s God. It doesn’t do it by doing. It does it by beingness and by a natural knowing. It becomes ”second nature,” in which you just know how and you don’t have to think about it. When we walk we don’t have to consciously think about where we’re putting this foot and how the weight is transferring from the heel to the toe, and how the hips are rotating. We just do it, and it doesn’t function through thought, it functions by “isness”.

When Jesus called upon Peter to walk on the water, the one who had that consciousness and ability called upon that consciousness and ability in Peter. And as the master backed off and said now you can do this, Peter doubted. He looked down and decided he didn’t have that ability. So he didn’t walk on the water, and he started sinking.

When we doubt, the consequences are often very fast. Suddenly you find that your head is under water. What happened? You lost your trust. The one who was walking on the water was one that has the ability to transcend, to not be subject to gravity. It’s miraculous, but it’s a natural ability and a supernatural ability. You lose it by identifying with the lesser instead of the greater. It comes with the veil of forgetfulness. There’s a disengaging from who we are spiritually, who we are in the soul, and it goes with stepping into this level.

In Soul Transcendence, we’re reigniting or flipping a switch so there is an illumination. And in that lighting of awareness there’s a realization that “I know how to do this and I forgot, so now I’m remembering.” And it really is a remembering spiritually, but it’s not the mind memory. It’s more like, “Yes, I’m that.”

What was going on when you weren’t that? You were just having a momentary lapse, a kind of amnesia. So in a way you’re breaking out. Not like a rebel resisting or wanting to overthrow the kingdom. It’s more like you just stand up and fly. How could you fly? You realize you have wings. You just start looking at these extra feathers and what they do, and then something says, “Why don’t you just extend whatever that is?” And then you realize you can fly.

You can decide if you want that. Then we get to find out, do you? Will you? Is it okay? Can you function spiritually?

It’s okay with me. It’s your life. It’s up to you. You might think, “Does God make a decision here? Is there a committee? An application? A discussion?”

If you’ve got a basic self that’s functioning in fear or hesitation or not really cooperating with how you see things spiritually, then maybe you need to get your house in order. Give yourself, from head to toe, a line. How do you do that? You take dominion. The authority is yours to declare your intention to see, to hear, to speak, and function in your high self. And to do that in alignment and cooperation at every level. You may have to do some adjustment to release your lower nature from those things that would obstruct functioning from a higher state. That’s fairly common, and one way to look at it is that if we’re here we have karma. We’re learning and growing through experience. So we’re not done.

What would make you be done? What would make the bird take off and fly? Trust your life, even in terms of your past existence. Are you at peace with your past? How would you know that?

One way you would know that is you’re free in relationship to your past. Your past is not binding you, haunting you, or disturbing you. Those are the things we do when we haven’t come to a completion. And you can put in an order for completion. To do that, you just decide to be at peace with your past no matter what.

I remember being with John-Roger at an event where there were some people accusing him of a lot of things. And it wasn’t too long before he just said, “Look, let’s just consider that I did it all. Let’s just go there. So whatever you want to accuse me of, at some point in my existence I did do it. If you’re going to convict me and persecute me, it doesn’t matter if I did it in this lifetime. I did it in my existence. So go ahead—I did it—now what?” Some who were making the accusations didn’t like that. But what does dredging up the past accomplish? Why do we have to go over every detail?

You can say, “It was done. I did it. I can be at peace with it. I’m not bound by that. I’m choosing to let that go. I did what I did. It’s over. I’m doing what I’m doing now.”

That’s what counts here. A new life really is free and unencumbered by the past. How do you get there? Forgiveness. What is forgiveness? It’s loving God. What is loving God? Loving all things. And where does it lead? To loving all things. Love whatever comes to you without exception. Don’t take any exception.

Practically, you might want to keep that simple. For example, don’t try to have forty-nine kids to love because you might get exhausted. It’s not that you can’t do it, but there’s some practicalness in this world. Don’t assign yourself to too many responsibilities. Don’t put too many irons in the fire. At some point this level and its limitations and conditions will come up against what you romanticize or fantasize you can do. And there’s karma in that, so don’t overwhelm yourself.

God won’t give you anything you can’t handle. But you can do a lot of things you can’t handle, that are beyond your ability. Do you want to do that? There’s a song from the film “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” about the life of Saint Francis, that says, “Do few things, but do them well.”

That’s a gradual process, so complete what is in front of you. Finish it. And finish it in a way that’s superior. If you can, do it the best ever, so it raises the bar. That’s a sign of a spiritual life in this world—constantly leaving things better, wherever you walk, whatever you’re involved in. With that comes great responsibility because the world will take a great interest in you. It may say, “Come over here and make me a lot of money, and come over here and control this situation for me, because you have all this ability to handle the world.”

But I’m not here for that. I’m here to love it all.

Baruch Bashan.


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