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How To Focus on the Positive

You get what you focus on. So it makes sense to keep choosing and focusing on grace in every moment and to take the love and joy of Spirit with you wherever you go.

If you walk into a dark, black hole with love and joy, you will find love and joy

there. If you walk in with fear and anger, you will find fear and anger. Go into all the situations in your life with what you want to find there.

The most effective meditation I have ever seen is worrying. Unfortunately, it goes the wrong way, and I have not seen too many changes made because of worrying.

But I know that holding a positive focus on what you want and taking continual small steps towards it is the way to bring it about.

Some people want to get to the root of the limitations in their lives, so they continually look at why they are not happy, why they do not have enough money, why their relationships are not working, why they are sick, why things are “so bad.”

You can try to do that if you want to, but it is much quicker and easier to move your focus from what you see as lack or limitation to what is positive in your life.

Live your life the best that you can. It can be hard, even on good days, but still do it, work the best you can, and give yourself credit.

And if you have flaws, fine. Just do not focus on them; work on them. If you looked only at your flaws, you probably would not feel worthy to be here because you would see the errors of your behavior and the imperfections of your body.

So focus on the goodness of the work you do, and then correct the flaws as you go along.

John-Roger, DSS

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