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New Year’s Resolution – A Spiritual Spa Day

It was so interesting to be back at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens again. The holidays (all of them) were complete and today, January 7, was a VERY good time to create a New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

We found old friends greeting one another and catching up on the latest events. There was a joyfulness in the air – or was it just me?

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton acted as the Mistress of Ceremonies and Ambassador of MSIA and PAL&G. She read a list of the many countries where there were MSIAers attending via Live Streaming online, and then called us all forward into God’s Light. The chanting of the Ani-Hu was very powerful.

After going over the day’s activities, and a bit of history about John Morton and MSIA, she introduced two Moments of Peace videos, featuring John-Roger in “Where Love Wants to Go,” and J-R with Gort, titled “God Is Intention.” Next, she introduced John Morton.

John discussed his wedding with Leigh on January 1st, 2013, and the process that came about to support that event. He told stories about Christmas at Mandeville, when John was first on MSIA Staff. And, he set us thinking about things we wanted to Resolve. In all of this, John was relaxed and just being himself.

He described “Resolving things” for the last time – using openness and awareness to manifest God’s intention. He described the day as an opportunity to “Resolve things with God’s help, while cooperating with Spirit”.

He imagined MSIA as having something like a launch pad into Spirit which is always taking off. He went over the Spa Day Journal, which defined elements of Resolution as: Commitment, Dedication, Devotion, Consecration and Celebration. There was a 10-minute small group exercise, in which we discussed things we wanted to Resolve in 2017. Then everyone was invited to walk the splendid Labyrinth, and to enjoy the gardens.

Leigh came up to talk about some upcoming events, and to offer a closing blessing. LeAnna Sharp performed a lovely song she wrote, called “This Is the Day the Lord Has Made.”

The next best Blessing was, Oh, My! — the buffet brunch awaiting us in the Dining Room. French Toast, Mango Salad, Potato Salad, Radish Salad, Chicken Parmesan, Eggs Benedict, Sautéed Zucchini, and a spectacular Meat Loaf. Dessert was a delicious Tiramisu. No one walked away hungry.

Even the sun came out and chased away the mild rain that Los Angeles had been experiencing through the night. What a wonderful day!!


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Join us at PAL&G for a live seminar with John Morton, ‘Love in All Ways, Always in Love’ on Feb 8 at 7:30pm. Click here for more details and to register.

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