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New Themed Seminars for MSIA Worldwide


New Themed Seminars for MSIA Worldwide
by Debbie Roth

Soul Awareness seminars have been one of the core vehicles for experiencing and sharing the Traveler’s Teachings since John-Roger began offering live seminars in the late 60’s. They are a way for people to connect with the Spirit, gather together in loving, and have an opportunity to view their lives from a higher, spiritual perspective.

I became personally aware how valuable seminars are when I was traveling this past year.  They were a regular reminder for me to attune to the Light and the Traveler, and I looked forward to my weekly seminar a great deal. I watched folks attending for the first time get touched by the caring and energy present. The community that we created by coming together was like a family.

This personal, human contact of seminars seems particularly important nowadays, in light of all the modern technology and current events. Yet more and more Seminar Leaders have been asking for help on how to share about seminars, especially with people who are new to MSIA. How can we offer seminars that speak to folks in today’s world?

One creative new approach is a themed seminar. A number of resources are now available for Seminar Leaders to offer a seminar on one of several themes, including: (1) Blessings, (2) Forgiveness, (3) Gratitude, (4) Loving, (5) Meditation, and (6) Peace. With these themes, Seminar Leaders can easily invite the community to their seminars by focusing on topics that are particularly relevant and meaningful for them (e.g., “An Evening of Forgiveness”, or “An Afternoon of Peace”, or a “Blessings Gathering”).

Seminar Leaders around the world are already experimenting with themed seminars. They’re reporting wonderful feedback on the sacredness of the seminars and the positive response from their communities. Here are just a few examples:

Carolina Rodrigues from Bogota, Colombia offered a peace seminar last October, and here’s what she wrote about her gathering:

“On October 29, I led an MSIA seminar with J-R’s video ‘The Peace Process’.

After the seminar, participants shared their concerns about the peace in Colombia and placed in the Light their own processes of peace. The Spirit was present and it was a liberating experience, filled with joy and peace.

There were 10 ministers and 2 new people in attendance.

After “closing” the seminar I made a clear announcement saying that the MSIA Seminar part was over and invited whoever wanted to stay for refreshments and to watch a movie together.

Participants stayed and later left filled with enthusiasm and gratitude.”

In Victoria, Canada, Inger Hansen offered a seminar on forgiveness after the U.S election in November. Here’s what she shared about her experience:

“From my personal experience with the election a Forgiveness seminar was my choice of this week’s seminar. After calling in the Light we each read from J-R’s Forgiveness book and shared the meaning with each other. Then, we listened to the Meditation of Forgiveness in the Joyful Meditations packet, followed by contributions. We then gathered in a circle where each shared and asked for personal forgivenesses. It was a meaningful experience for us as we continued with refreshments and conversations.”

For Christmas, Marina Bustamente from Madrid, Spain offered a peace seminar. Here’s what she did:

“I’d love to share with you. This is what was done:
. Welcome to all that came to the Seminar
. What is MSIA? Brief explanation, including who is J-R and who is John Morton, Mystical Traveler.
. I asked for the Light for the group.
. Ani Hu chant.
. Explanation and time for each person to write a “Letter to the Spirit of Christmas,” encouragement to the group to put in writing our intention and focus, and Light requests for ourselves, our families, work, etc. for the highest good.
. Blessing of all the letters.
. We listened to a blessing from the CD accompanying the book You Are the Blessings, by John Morton.
. We listened to the Meditation for Peace by John-Roger.
.Then a closed eye process, opening to receive from the Universe, with open hands. Participants receive a small present and a card with a J-R or JM quote.
. Participant sharing about the quote they have received in their card. (Everyone received a different blessing.)
. Final blessing for “An evening of Peace”: Process where participants hold hands and we all say: “I love you. God Bless you. Peace, be still”
In closing we did a drawing to give away two J-R books and a CD.
Then we moved into refreshments, with laughter, hugs and joy. I also did promotion of upcoming seminars.

For me, leading seminars is always a reason for joy, they nurture me and they make me grow. there is always a reason to be grateful.”


At Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens in Los Angeles, we recently held two themed seminars – “An Evening of Forgiveness” and “An Evening of Gratitude”. We had a full room for both events, and most participants were new to MSIA!

The quality of sharing was beautiful, and folks seemed to really enjoy the events. For example, right from the outset, participants were openly sharing what forgiveness and gratitude mean to them. Toward the end, someone commented how we’d created a family in our time together.

Folks hung around for a while afterward drinking tea, eating cookies and socializing. A wonderful time of fellowship.


I invite you to attend a themed seminar in your community and partake in the wealth of blessings available. If you’re a Seminar Leader, feel free to experiment with seminars built around themes. Our Seminar team has a list of products, an outline template, and many more resources to support you. If you attend or offer a themed seminar, it would be fantastic for you to email us with your experience. This way, we can all learn and grow together in the project.
Please be in touch if you have questions or if you’d like additional support. Our team is happy to help.
Thanks and God bless you. Love and Light to you, and Happy New Year!

Debbie Roth | Soul Awareness Seminars Team
(323) 328-1979 |

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