Sweet and Sacred Easter Spiritual Exercises Workshop

By: Teri Breier, photos by David Sand

April 21st, 2017

Sweet and Sacred Easter Spiritual Exercises Workshop

One and a half days of John-Roger videos, meditations, previously unreleased audio seminars, and hours of spiritual exercises…what could possibly be better?

Starting on Good Friday morning and continuing through lunchtime on Saturday, April 14-15, Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS) and NOW Productions hosted a throwback-style Spiritual Exercises Workshop in Santa Monica and online.

Long-time ministers Phil Danza and John-Richard Greene went old-school in updating and facilitating this workshop with their laid-back approach that reminded many who were there of the early days of MSIA. No exercises. No processing. No interaction. Just J-R and SEs, over and over again. It was sheer bliss.

The icing on this delicious Easter cake was that in recent months, Phil had unearthed some incredible J-R gems from the archives that hadn’t been heard for 40 or more years. What a treat to hear all of this brand-new-to-us material before it was released!

After each workshop segment, participants and assistants in the room were “high” on Soul travel, prompting important reminders about getting grounded and back into our bodies before venturing out into the world. (Something that those who were tuned in from all over the world, snug and cozy at home, didn’t even need to worry about.)

We were blessed to have John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton present for the entire workshop. When John shared at a Q&A on Friday afternoon, the first thing he asked was “How many of you are happy that you decided to be here this weekend?” Every single person raised their hand enthusiastically.

The only way it could have been improved upon? This reporter overheard several comments about bringing back the “All Night SEs” tradition from the old days…sign me up!


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