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Sharing Your Light

As the human consciousness moves away from the negative creations of the magnetic light towards the positive creations of the spiritual Light, it comes closer and closer to God and the Soul, that individualized spark of God within.

Some people let that Light shine through their expression more readily than others, and these are the ones who are happy, smiling, and nice to be around, the ones who can lift you just by being there.

When you come from that center of Light, you expand your ability to love and to share with people, to reach out and touch them. You expand your ability to say in many ways, “Thank you for being here.”

Maybe you think you could not say that to anyone, that it would sound namby-pamby, but why ignore others when they really need a pat on the back and a verification that they are doing okay? Sometimes it is in the smallest areas that people need your Light and love the most. Sometimes that pat on the back and a quick, “It’s really nice to see you,” can do so much to awaken the consciousness of Light in others.

They can suddenly stand up and face the day. That service of love may be returned to you at a later time, and it is nice to reap those rewards.

Many years ago I knew the principal of a high school who did not let his Light shine through very much. He would walk through the halls really down in the mouth, and he seldom smiled. Every time he was around, he created a lot of tension, and the teachers and students would think, “I wonder what’s wrong? I wonder if I’ve done something wrong?” After a couple of years, he was transferred to another school, and the new principal would smile, laugh, and share his beingness with the faculty and students.

When he liked something, he would say so, and when he didn’t, he would suggest changes. It was amazing how the morale of the entire school lifted because one man let the Light within him shine out and expressed the love he felt for the people around him.

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