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Understanding Human Consciousness and What Happens When you Awaken Spiritually

The human consciousness is most complex. There are nearly infinite layers and levels within. The discovery of yourself can be the most exciting and rewarding adventure you could ever hope to make.

Your experience is the only thing on this level that has reality. The physical body changes, the emotions fluctuate, and the mind changes continually.

It is your experience that is your most valid reference point. If somebody explodes a firecracker three feet from you, you experience that explosion.

But if someone just threatens to explode the firecracker, you do not have that experience. Words seldom do it for you. It is only when it happens that you have that experience.

If someone tells you of spiritual things, you do not have the experience of that. But if the person is truly speaking from their center of Light, they may stir that center of Light within you, and that may be the beginning of your experience.

When you start to awaken spiritually, the divine within you will start to push against the falseness within your consciousness. It will push against your untrue thoughts, your false images, and all other earthly reference points that you have accepted as “you.”

Some people have accepted physical beauty as their reference point. If you are beautiful, you have it made. If you are not, it is a terrible catastrophe because your life will be a total failure. What an illusion! Yet this is where some people live.

The programming of our mass media has done a lot to promote this particular reference point. If you accept what the advertisers say, you would believe that to be happy you must have the whitest teeth and the prettiest hair, smell good all the time, and wear stockings that never bag at the ankles.

Your best reference point for anything is your experience. Every experience you have points the way to reality. Even the trials and tribulations are your attempts to shake yourself awake from your illusions that you have created with ambiguous thinking or anticlimactic emotions.

Each experience points the way past the illusions and towards the God within.

The human consciousness wants to cut through the things that are not working for it. It does not want to be dammed up or contained, and it will struggle to break free of those things that hold it down. This is the indomitable Spirit within the human being on this planet.

There are people on this planet who are content with the lower energies of the earth, but the person who reaches into the greater consciousness of divine love walks with the Beloved and can have experiences of a transcendental nature and become one with the Divine.

What must you do to ask for the Spirit to come and work with you and assist you? Just ask for the spiritual Light to be with you and assist you for the highest good and to be with others and assist them for their highest good. It is really that simple.

Tradition has created false reference points for us. Some traditions say that you go to church and pray to your God on Sunday. But what if you need God on Tuesday? I once heard a minister tell his very large congregation, “If you won’t get up out of bed and get down on your knees to pray to God, why should He answer your prayer?” And, of course, the answer is, “Because He is God,” though that was not the answer the minister had in mind.

But if your God will not answer a prayer that is really from your heart–whether you are on your knees, on your head, in the shower, or driving down the freeway– you do not have a big enough God. God does not require any special words, any special postures, any special anything. God is entirely present with you all the time. At any moment that you sincerely ask for the assistance of the spiritual Light, it is there. Words are not even necessary.

God is in all things–everywhere, all the time, entirely present–and from your experience, you can know parts of God. God is non-physical, non-emotional, and non-mental. God is beyond these levels even while encompassing them. God just is.

You can know parts of God from the physical level, but you cannot know God in God’s entirety. The human consciousness can scale mountains, blow up bridges, travel to the moon, or destroy cities, but it cannot tear away the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual because that veil cannot be torn or pierced. But you can change yourself to move your consciousness beyond the veil of the lower levels and move into the spiritual.

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