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What is the Divine Presence?


What is the Divine Presence?
by John-Roger, DSS

Spirit is the force that gives you your life, energy, and power. It’s that spark of the divine that is the source of your “godness” or goodness.

There are infinite levels of consciousness and dimensions of space and time within a multitude of universes. This planet Earth is in only one of the many realms of Light. All consciousness, on all realms of Light including earth, is part of a greater order and plan of spiritual evolvement.

The spiritual consciousness of humanity extends through all realms, reaching from its home in the Soul realm down to the physical realm. In that sense, it exists on all realms simultaneously. Your awareness of one realm may be greater than of others, however, depending on the evolvement of your individual consciousness.

Most people have a greater awareness of this physical earth and of the imagination, emotions, mind and subconscious, and very little or no awareness of the higher realms of the Soul and Spirit. There are people whose consciousness is more highly developed, however. They are aware not only of this physical world, but also of the higher realms of Spirit. These people are the great teachers, gurus and masters who come forward to teach and show the way to those who are ready to walk the spiritual path.

There are great masters who come from the lower realms of Light. Their message can be uplifting and inspiring; the abilities they demonstrate can be miraculous. Some masters are connected to a universal consciousness from the high, positive realms of pure Spirit. They are aware of all the levels of consciousness, and they have the ability to work with, teach, guide, and show the way “home” to those Souls who are ready to lift out of the cycle of the lower levels and return to the Soul realm.

Jesus the Christ was such a Master. Because he was so powerful and his impact on the Western world so great, people in Western culture usually relate to the Christ or the Christ consciousness as a manifestation of this higher level of spirit. Jews and Christians alike share in this tradition, for though Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah, the concept of the Messiah is a very important part of their tradition.

The Christ is a universal consciousness that dwells within everyone, although some people are more awakened to and aware of it than others. The teachings of the Christ (not a church interpretation of Jesus’ teachings, but the message He brought) are universal. They don’t conflict with any other teachings; they encompass all other teachings through their universal approach. The consciousness of the Christ is the consciousness of pure Spirit. It exists within each one of us through the Soul.

The individual Soul of man exists as the indwelling Christ. Because most people are imperfectly aware of the Christ within, there is always at least one person on the planet who manifests the Christ. They demonstrate this higher consciousness so that others can see and recognize it.

The Christ within one person can awaken the Christ within others. When you perceive the Christ consciousness, you begin to awaken to that greater expression in yourself.

There is a line of spiritual masters called “Mystical Travelers” who work directly through the line of the Christ. In other places where the Christ is not the focus of universal spiritual force, this line of spiritual masters comes through the All, the It of Itself, or the Supreme God for which there is no name. The Mystical Traveler consciousness, as an agent of God, draws its energy from the pure, spiritual realms.

The value of the Mystical Traveler is that it has traversed the realms of Light, extended itself into the physical form, and now uses the physical form to bring you the teachings on a verbal level. It explains to you that there is more to your existence than your body, mind, or emotions, that you are more than your physical expression.

The Mystical Traveler also has the ability to reach into the inner consciousness and strengthen your awareness of Soul until you start to feel that movement inside of you. When you sense that something’s going on, you may run to the nearest book to read what it could be. The book won’t give you the experience, though if it’s by someone who knows what’s going on, you can use it to clarify what your experience has been. Whatever you read, you must check the information out for yourself, in your own way, in the integrity of your own beingness.

Those who have held the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in the past have brought to humanity the message of love, harmony, balance, honesty and integrity. These spiritual messages have sometimes been given directly and openly, in a public way. At other times, the Mystical Travelers live private lives, quietly holding the spiritual energy like an anchor from Spirit into this world. Some historical figures who have held the keys to the Traveler consciousness are Rama, Eli Hu, and Jesus the Christ. Someone is always holding the keys to this consciousness, though they don’t always work openly with people. A great deal of the Traveler’s work is done silently, in the inner consciousness.

Look at the message of each one of these Travelers of Light and Sound and you’ll see that the message is always the same. The messengers who bear the Light and Sound bring forward the same message time and again, because people continue to either forget or corrupt it.

Only a few people stand out as pinnacles of this Light force, letting themselves be used as transformers to step down the high spiritual energy so that it can be used in this world. Each person who is divinely endowed with this knowledge comes to restate the ancient message, bring forward a particular dispensation for that time, and place it within the consciousness of humanity. This is the spiritual glory to which we are all heirs.

The universal message of Spirit is again being presented. Two thousand years ago, Jesus said, “He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and even greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12) What was this message? Was he speaking of His physical form? No, He was speaking from the spiritual consciousness. He was speaking from the Christ consciousness when He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” (Revelations 1:8) That’s the Christ Spirit that is in all of us.

Muhammad gave the message as the servant of God when he said that God is like all and God is among all. Then he proclaimed, “None exists but God.” God constitutes the whole being, individually and collectively. Every Soul has the divine message within itself, not necessarily within the personality, mind or emotions, but within the Self, which is the same essence that Christians refer to as the Christ. The essence is the same, whatever tradition the words reflect. “There is no God but God” is again the message in this time. That was and will always be the message. There is no other. You can be awakened to that realization when someone else speaks to you from the God-center, because that essence reaches in and stirs the same essence within you.

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  1. Wow, what a succinct and clear explanation of the Christ action and the Mystical Traveler. It inspires me to look for and share this God-essence with others.

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