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Seminars on Blessings Around the World


Last month, John Morton extended an invitation for MSIA Seminar Leaders worldwide to choose the theme of Blessings for their Soul Awareness Seminars.

The response has been wonderful!  Seminar Leaders offered blessings seminars in Africa, Spain, Brasil, and the U.S.  Tatiana Teixeira offered two blessings seminars in her home in Belo Horizonte, Brasil (She’s been offering seminars with different themes since October!). Kasim Balogun from Lagos State, Nigeria, shared about his blessings seminar on the Seminars Facebook group, and he’s already scheduled another seminar on this year’s Conference theme, Divine Presence.  Beth Hinman and Carol Beau hosted a blessings gathering in Austin, TX – they have been offering these joyful get-togethers every month or so for the past two years.

Here are testimonials from Seminar Leaders on what they did for their gatherings, plus photos.  It can be a fountain of love and Light to come together with a focus on the blessings that already are.  As Ann Folks from New Mexico writes, seminars are “a place where we can gather as a community and share with the Traveler and each other. When we invite the Traveler in, we laugh, have fun and lift each other up.”

God bless all touched by these Blessings seminars.  Enjoy!

Please contact our Seminars team at if you’d like to learn more about seminars near you.

To watch MSIA Spiritual Director John Morton’s recent seminar on blessings, click here.

Ann Folks, Santa Fe, New Mexico:

We had a beautiful Seminar. There were six of us: me, Mitch Buszek, Julie Guise, Susan Voorhees, Darlene Heart, and Maya Pool.  I played “A Moment of Peace & At-Oneness with God” by John-Roger and “A Blessing of Increasing Our Light” by John Morton, then we did sharing keeping in mind the theme of Blessings. After that, I played the J-R seminar, “Restoring the Kingdom of Heaven”.

It was a lovely event. I feel so blessed to be able to offer my home as a place where we can gather as a community and share with the Traveler and each other. When we invite the Traveler in, we laugh, have fun and lift each other up.

Marina Bustamente, Madrid Spain:

Each Thursday at 6.45pm, we meet at my home for a seminar in a loving gathering. This week, the theme was “Blessings” with May, Any Karoly and myself present.

Participants were lovingly welcomed and I thanked them for coming. We invoked ourselves into The Light of Christ and the Holy Spirit for the highest good of all involved. Next we put in the Light ourselves and our intentions.

We listened to the Song of Love, chanted the Ani-Hu, and did a few minutes of EEs in silence, listening inside. We then watched the recommended John Morton Blessing, “A Blessing of Increasing Our Light”, followed by the meditation “Practicing the Divine Presence” by J-R.

Following was a sharing of the heart, which was joyful and from the soul.

Finally, we closed the seminar with a Blessing to share the blessings and the Peace Prayer that J-R taught us. We said goodbye until the next week, God willing.

I love my service as a Seminar Leader, and I love being able to support other leaders with this report.

From Kasim Balogun, Lagos State, Nigeria:

We had a wonderful seminar here in Lagos with five people in attendance. I used the free download material from MSIA’s website, “What is the real magic?” As you know, I have to do with what is within my reach.

I am so for your communication with me. Our next seminar is on 24th JUNE 2017.  The topic is “Divine Presence”, based on the theme for this year’s Conference.

God bless you

From Obinna Otutubuike, Abia State, Nigeria:

Here’s my report on the Seminar we held last Sunday on Blessings:

We started the Seminar by letting our beloved J-R call us forward into the Light as we listened to the intro of songs of the loving heart which was followed by the ANI-HU chant.

I also called ourselves into the Light after the chant and we presented our sharings.

After the sharing, we played a tape titled “Expanding Our Consciousness from Soul” by our beloved J-R since I do not have any other tapes on Blessings right now.

I also read out excerpts from the New Day Herald article titled “Are you focusing on Blessing?” by our beloved Traveler John Morton, dated September 20th 2016.

I finally closed the Seminar session by calling ourselves forward into the Light that was present with us as I reminded us to always focus on the Blessings that are constantly present for us and in every situation we find ourselves exactly as it is.

It was indeed a beautiful Seminar we had as we felt the presence of Light and our beloved Travelers.

Baruch Bashan!

Arno Triebskorn, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany:

I love the suggestion of a specific theme for seminars! Last Friday, Christine Garnon from Strasbourg and I had a Skype ministers’ meeting, which is a blessing in itself.  We do Skype meetings in cases when we cannot manage to meet in person.  Mostly, we include watching a seminar and supporting and ministering to each other.

Although we did not specifically hold a seminar on the theme of “blessings”,  we made many contributions with regard to John Morton’s and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton’s upcoming visit to Strasbourg in July – which is a very , very beautiful blessing indeed!  The meeting for me is spiritually stepping beyond the borders of our respective countries to share the Light.

From Tatiana Teixeira, Belo Horizonte, Brasil:

Seminar #1:

As I always say… doing the Seminars at my home is a great blessing for me. It is a tremendous opportunity to serve and to allow people to connect with the Sound Current and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. But what a surprise!!! I became the first benefited… It is amazing to do it.

Every time that I hold a seminar, I feel this energy early in the morning. The day is different. And no matter what I have to do that day, some hours before I just stop to prepare for the seminar. A part of my ritual is to prepare the coffee, the tea, a cake that I do myself, besides buy some cookies.  I prepare the room and the materials we are going to play. It is as if I begin to put my energy, or to open myself to the Traveler Consciousness, in a special way.

This seminar was on Saturday afternoon. We were me (Tati), Kelly and Alex.

We began with Calling the Light, played a Moment of Peace by J-R, and shared about the blessings in our life.  We then did SE’s via a CD in the Spiritual Exercises packet, where J-R guides us through breathing exercises, the Hu chant, and silence. We did it for almost one hour! Every time we use this CD, people love it and ask to do it again.

Then we listened to a J-R seminar, shared again, watched the John Morton’s blessings video, and closed.

Everyone says each time, it is a different experience to participate. People that come always say how important is to be here, and how it keeps us in connection with Light, with God.  Looking at the peaceful faces, feeling the joy and the upliftment that takes place with the seminar is a great reason to do it. And it is really a blessing that God has allowed me to lead a seminar like this.

Seminar #2:

Last Tuesday, May 30, we had a seminar with 9 participants.

Ministers came who had not participated in a seminar for a long time: Leticia, Luis Fernando and Eliete!  Kelly and Ana Marcia also attended, who just began to read Discourses some months ago. And there was Marina and Sonia there for the first time, and Monica who was there for the second time  And me.

So I started by talking about MSIA and calling in the Light.  Then we watched the Moment of Peace by J-R suggested in the Seminar Leader email, followed by SE’s and then J-R’s The Meditation of Forgiveness.  Afterward, we did sharing, watched the John Morton blessings video also recommended, and closed.

It was really wonderful. A deep connection and clearing process individualized for each one with Forgiveness. There are no words to express…

From Beth Hinman in Austin, Texas:

On Sunday, June 11th, we had a Soul Awareness Seminar focusing on the Blessings.  We had 8 people – two of the folks had not attended a blessings seminar before, and one person was new to MSIA events.

After calling in the Light and sharing a quote from J-R on the meaning of Baruch Bashan and the ways we work with blessings, we moved right into listening to J-R’s seminar entitled, “Baraka.”

For contributions we did two rounds of sharing, focusing on our gratitude, asking for blessings in our own lives, and calling forward blessings for others and for the planet for the highest good.  During contributions, some of the participants chose to open one of the books, “You Are the Blessings” or “Divine Essence,” and read a quote as part of their sharing.  In the last few months we’ve also been experimenting with putting out a question, for those who want to use one, to prompt our sharing.  For example, “How and when do I experience the blessing inside?”

The experience of the Traveler energy, of being in the divine presence, and sharing in the flow of giving and receiving with one another is such a gift and a privilege to be a part of — this is when I truly know that the blessings already are.

To close the seminar, we listened to a beautiful blessing from John Morton focusing on aligning and making God our intention – it is #4 in the seminar, “Blessings, Prayers, and Invocations.”

With Light and Loving and Lots of Blessings . . .


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