An Evening of Forgiveness at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

By: David Whitaker

August 3rd, 2017

An Evening of Forgiveness at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens


“Thank you soo much, it was a great session, I feel good from it and am able to let go and of an issue I had with someone, I feel lighter about it and can continue relations with that person.” – JC, Evening of Forgiveness Participant

Kind friends gathered in the name of forgiveness on a Tuesday evening at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. People joined us from West Adams, many visiting PAL&G for the first time.

It was my first time as a seminar leader and I had the blessing to co-facilitate with veteran seminar leader Debbie Roth.

As I sat at the front of the room and watched everyone arrive for the evening, I heard J-R, my Spiritual Teacher say in my heart, “You don’t have to believe or disbelieve, just be open to the experience.”

I saw many faces; young faces, old faces, faces of all genders and colors, determined faces, and peaceful faces. All of us coming together in the name of forgiveness.

When our preparations were complete and everyone had arrived, we called in the light, we chanted the Ani-Hu, and we dropped in.

The room, filled with 75 people, became intimate, like sitting under the stars on a blanket with a few friends.

As I was doing the demonstration for our small group activity, everyone held in silence for me. I let go of my need to do everything perfectly. I let go of the need to criticize myself for the thousands of mistakes that I’ve made in my life. I relaxed and just watched as those mistakes moved through my mind and out the other side without getting caught in my negative thinking. And I felt myself letting go.

We cried together. We laughed together. We cheered for one another.

We embraced in the energy of forgiveness as we let go of the past and envisioned new futures.

We came willing to do the work, to do whatever we could to get free and to open our wings and soar. And we did.

God came to sit with us, to watch us remembering ourselves, to share our jokes and winks and nudges.

We breathed in and out.


Peace filled the room.

And in the silence, God Spoke to each of us, saying exactly what we needed to hear.

Join Us on August 15 for Our Next Introductory Event: “What is Soul Transcendence?”

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