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What Is Soul Transcendence?


The topic of Soul Transcendence is dear to our hearts, and we’ve both been studying with MSIA ourselves for over thirty years. We realize spirituality is a really inner, personal, and sacred thing to a lot of people.  And everyone has their own experience. So this is not about wanting you to “get” anything, or do anything, except maybe have a peaceful, fun experience, and to just be present and explore.

Our founder John-Roger used to say this is a “check it out” group: don’t believe everything you hear—and don’t leave your brain at the door! —see if it works for you, and if it does, use it. If it doesn’t, have the wit to let it go and move on to something that does. So we invite you to be in that “check-it-out” mode and see if this is a spiritual path that you may be interested in knowing more about or pursuing.

What is MSIA?

MSIA stands for the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which is an ecumenical non-denominational church founded by an amazing man named John-Roger, really a spiritual master, in 1971. J-R described MSIA as “an esoteric mystery school”.  The teachings are sacred and often a mystery. The line of energy we work with comes from ancient spiritual traditions of Shabda Yoga, or Light and Sound teachings, which have been on the planet for a very long time.

We like to say this is a new look at ancient wisdoms. To get a sense of what we do, we’ll be sharing quotes and some video clips here from John-Roger, and our current Spiritual Director, John Morton. Here’s a video clip of John Morton sharing about the divine presence inside each of us, from a temple in Egypt:

These Are the Basic Precepts of MSIA:

God loves all of its creation  – Out of God Come All Things
Not One Soul will be Lost

Here’s a quote from John-Roger about this work:

“In the Western world, we tend to think that great spiritual events occurred in the past and are not part of present-day reality. And even if they could occur today, we doubt they could occur to ordinary people. But what if this is not true? What if each person – right here, right now, right today – is a divine being? What if the Soul that resides deep within each person can awaken and realize itself and its own nature? What if the abilities of the Christ and Buddha and Mohammed and other great masters are not just myths and stories but tell of a greater reality that is as available today as it was in ancient times? What if the reality of God is the same today as ever?”

MSIA is an organization whose major focus is to bring people into an awareness of Soul Transcendence. The vastness of who we are as souls. LOVING is the focus, and practical keys for living a more loving, fulfilling life.

In MSIA there are no rules or membership, and no particular way of participating. The only thing that makes you “officially” affiliated is that you study Soul Awareness Discourses, and do the Spiritual Exercises, an active form of meditation, that we teach. People from all walks of life and religions participate, and MSIA doesn’t conflict with any religious belief. To me, it contains the best of universal religious principles: peace, forgiveness, faith, grace, etc., but without the rules or dogma that say you have to behave or believe a certain way. It’s about getting in touch with and following the innate wisdom inside each of us.

John-Roger used to say “this is a group of non-joiners” people who really don’t necessarily want to be part of any group. Here’s a quote:

“In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we have one thing in common – love.  It’s the only thing that is honest-to-God in common with everyone here.  That’s what we’re all here for.  That’s what we’re dedicated to.” – John-Roger

In this video, John-Roger shares about who we really are:


So what is the Soul?

When we say Soul, what does that mean to you?

We consider the Soul is who we truly are.  It’s that loving, clear, place above whatever’s going on in the world for us. The knowing that we are divine and that God is our partner. It is more than our body, our imagination, our thoughts, or our feelings. It’s the one that can observe all that with unconditional love. We consider the essence of our Soul is love, and loving is central to Soul Transcendence.  

J-R has said that the Soul is the spark of the Divine in each person. The extension of God individualized within each human being. The basic element of human existence, forever connected to God.  The indwelling Christ, the God within.

Here’s John-Roger on Soul Transcendence:

And What is Transcendence?

When we say transcendence, what does that mean to you?

The dictionary states that transcendence is “the existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.  The act of rising above something to a superior state”.  Many religions teach that you have to die to know your oneness with God, to know your own Divinity.  In MSIA we learn that we can experience our oneness with God and our Divinity while we are still alive.

J-R has stated that “The journey of your Soul is to return to an awareness of and a oneness with God.  We call this path Soul Transcendence.”

Here’s another quote by John-Roger:  

“Soul Transcendence is a simple path. There is nothing extraordinary you need to do. Simply open your awareness to all that is around you and all that is within you and following the loving.”

Thank you for reading and watching. If you’d like to learn more about practicing Soul Transcendence, check out our online guide to Spiritual Exercises which includes a Guided Meditation.

Start Spiritual Exercises

And If you’d like to learn more about Soul Awareness Discourses, our basic course of study, you can click the link here:

Study Soul Transcendence

And if you have any questions, we’d love to respond to your comments below.

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