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MSIA Grad Stories: Marina Van Wormer [Full Interview]

MSIA Grad Stories is a series designed to highlight the remarkable stories of PTS Graduates. We interviewed Marina Van Wormer so that she could share about her miraculous experience in MSS 2. Here’s what she had to say.

LUCIA: Hi Marina, can you start by telling us a little bit about MSS 1 and MSS 2?

MARINA: I did MSS in 2008 and 2009. I’m excited to share about it because, for me, it was the “before and after” in my experience of MSIA, my Spiritual path. During MSS, a lot of the things that I had been practicing and learning until that point became the “go-to’s” in my everyday life as well as in my crisis moments when I really needed support.

When I took MSS 1, it was all about answering questions:
What is MSS?
What am I learning?
How do I do this?

It was like testing waters, learning to swim.

Then it was time for Year Two. You work with intentions in Year One, so I came into Year Two really clear in my intentions.

For me, intentions are my north star, my guiding light.

In Year Two, my intentions became my prayers and I distilled them to one word because I needed a quick lifeline when I was in trouble or in despair.

I have a Physical Intention, an Emotional Intention, a Mental Intention, and a Spiritual Intention. And these words, to this day, come up even without me thinking or wanting to remember, they just appear in my consciousness and because they are so deeply rooted in my heart and in my Soul, they connect me to God and Spirit immediately.

I love sharing about MSS because there’s something about it that carries me through life. My spiritual life, my physical life – family – work. The principles that you learn in MSS are amazing. They are universal. If you work them, they are the most important tools that you’ll ever have.

LUCIA: What challenges did you deal with in MSS Year Two?

MARINA: When my youngest sister passed away, she died suddenly in the night, she was 44 and she had two little girls. It was very shocking for the entire family. In that moment of utter, complete despair and confusion of why this happened without warning or reason, I relied on my Spiritual Intention of Trust and my Mental Intention of Peace to carry me through my grief and my hardest moments.

The other challenge that I dealt with in Year Two was a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. There is no treatment for fibromyalgia and the pharmaceutical drugs didn’t really help me. Through the process of MSS, I became my own healer and my own advocate and I devised a Health plan for myself with the tools that I learned in the class. I’m very proud of that.

Now I hardly think about fibromyalgia. Every once in awhile I experience some of the symptoms or the effects of that but I can go back and rely on the tried and true program that I created for myself in MSS, my Trust in God, and my Physical Intention of Vitality

MSS is truly a mystery school where we learn things that we wouldn’t learn anywhere else. We learn that our Soul is tangible and present, it’s truly amazing.

The most important thing is that we learn about ourselves.

LUCIA: What was your favorite thing that you learned in Year Two?

MARINA: It was definitely the discovery of my own power through my intentions and through the SEs Practice.

How I practiced SEs before I went through MSS and how I practice my SEs today is very different. Before MSS, I thought that I couldn’t sit still for two hours. In MSS, I experienced that I could and that the connection with God and Spirit when you actually sit and do it is night and day compared to the 10 minutes or the 20 minutes that I was doing before. It’s a very big difference.

LUCIA: If anyone is on the fence about taking MSS 2, what would you say to them?

MARINA: I would say, “Try it out. Just try it!” because like J-R Says, “Check it out.” If it’s not the right timing for you, you can always let it go.

Now I feel like doing Year Two again!

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