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The MSIA Communities in South America Prepare for John Morton


The MSIA communities in South America prepare with loving and devotion for the Traveler to arrive. The energy is sweet and joyful. Together, we celebrate the blessing of having the Traveler amongst us. What great evidence of God’s wealth and generosity.

Everything is prepared with such dedication and quality that strangers often wonder who are we and what is going on.

Here is a recommendation: If you want to have an experience with the Traveler, full of loving, hugs, good food, and amazing laughter, go to any place in South America where John will be and take in all of the blessings.

Here are some testimonials from MSIA Reps in Argentina, Chile & Brazil.

From Roberto Luis Mazzer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For me, this was my first experience in organizing the Visit along with my partner and MSIA co-representative Marta Gallucci.

From the beginning of the preparations, we had a lot of support from the MSIA Community in Argentina, who are very moved and happy to enjoy the Blessings of the Traveler’s presence in our country again.

The planning and the coordination with PTS gave me the opportunity to find lessons of patience and flexibility, of accepting that I should cooperate, and to let the Spirit do the work, keeping the other things moving in the most loving way possible.

I’m aware that organizing the Traveler’s Visit is a blessing in and of itself. Like John Morton says, I’m aware that “We are the blessings, as life’s potential that always awaits our self-realization and choices. We are the blessings regardless of our past choices and circumstances”.

The organization of the Visit was a big challenge; besides doing my task in the 10%, I looked inside for the blessings for me in this opportunity, all the time. There are always blessings when we move for something we love. To enjoy the Traveler’s Visit will take me to a state of fulfillment, enjoyment, gratitude, and joy.

Serving the Traveler in our community during this Visit means another opportunity for me to learn, uplift and expand.

From Pedro Domancic from Chile

Great column of Light in Villarrica

This year, the Staff and Traveler visit has presented a very specific challenge. For the very first time the events will not take place i Santiago, Chile’s Capital city, but in Villarrica, which is a small and beautiful city in the south of the country, at a lake shore and very close to the volcano, with the same name.

This is also an area with great presence of the mapuche communities with their rich traditions as well as their conflict. Their culture includes a language with great maturity of significance and a cosmovision of mother nature and the human being with a rich connection with Spirit.

So this is not only a challenge, it is a great opportunity as well.

The idea of having the Traveler in Villarrica was in Elvira’s mind for several years and her Soul became more present in a clear call. She simply went in and committed… the Light stepped forward and many kinds of events, unplanned meetings and diversity of assistance happened in support of this clear intention.

All is ready … and we are sitting around the fireplace for the visit, sure of the presence of the traveler consciousness, John Morton and J-Rm sure that all will be all right, that we are being cared for and only the Greater Good will come forward.

A great Light Column will be planted in Villarrica, spreading Peace in all this zone and expanding Light and the Teachings in the Southern part of Earth. So Be It.

From Lana Barreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We are very excited with the coming of our Beloved Traveler John Morton to Rio de Janeiro. With him, we will have the opportunity to experience our “Divine Essence” in a seminar opened on November 9th, starting with a wonderful welcome coffee.

We will have Aura Balance, Polarity Balance and Innerphasing services, as well as initiations and ministry ordinations from the 7th to the 10th. Those who have participated know that these services are opportunities for spiritual blessings.

Those who want to participate just contact us. And we are fortunate to have a weekend where we will immerse ourselves in the harmony of the “Sound Current of God,” this stream of Love, Sound, and Light that comes from the heart of God.

We will have the opportunity to enter into this field of Loving, Light, harmonious and peaceful energy, and the most spectacular was designed for the general public, that is, anyone who wants to experience this Light, will have this opportunity on November 11 and 12, in a beautiful Hotel on the edge of the sea of Barra of Tijuca.

The Christ is with open arms waiting for each one of you. Welcome, all to the MSIA Brasil 2017 Conference – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

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Note: Louisa Holmes created a graphic to assist those who want to participate in planting Light Columns wherever John & Staff will be. To learn more, click here.

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