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El Camino Del Viajero, The Way Of The Traveler: A Light Action


We had come to walk our Camino in a rather specific way. We came to walk in the Way of the Traveler. I can’t say I knew what this was going in, and I know a great deal more having done it.

We met in Toledo Spain on September 10th, 2017, 68 of us including John Morton and Leigh Taylor Young Morton. We were meeting up that evening for our orientation for the Spain trip to begin the next day. At the orientation meeting I closed my eyes and went in, as I often do, to see what could be seen in Spirit.

I saw teams of Light Beings, which is typical for me to see at MSIA, PTS or USM events. In this case there were two primary teams. In the central team I was aware of Jesus Christ. In all my years this lifetime, this is the first time I have seen Jesus Himself and not an emissary of the Christ. He was with John Roger, Sat Nam and two other beings. I do not know who the other two beings were. They are part of the Traveler, Christ fold.

The secondary team consisted of three guardians of the land. Somehow they held the history and culture of the peoples of Iberia. They held the keys to the land itself, past, present and future. They were there to facilitate transformation, revelation and directives of the central team. Each guardian held a different aspect of the land. I was not shown what these were specifically. I was aware of these guardians throughout the trip but was not shown any more about them. There were also various other Light teams in Spirit, all participating and supporting the spiritual action taking place. I saw lots of angels.

As I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus, with His team, issue forth a spiritual Directive. The issuing of the Directive was brought forward at this time by the practical aspect of our presence, each of us as willing participants, present and accounted for in that room in Toledo. The presence of the key-holder, that one who holds the Mystical Traveler keys spiritually, facilitated the placing of this Directive. I observed that the key-holder allows direct access from the high realms of Spirit into the physical world. Given that we all are multidimensional beings, in this case, when I say “in the physical world”, this includes all the realms of human nature.

What I saw was that this Directive being given at this time is a continuation of what was placed in motion around 2000 years ago just before Jesus left the body. The issuance includes a team of Light Bearers who have the Apostles mantle. I was opening to understand more deeply this mantle of the Apostles. It has been said that they “….gladly received His Word.” To me this is all about our joyful awareness and initiation into the Sound Current. For me the essence of the Sound Current is Loving. So, in my awareness, the essence of this mantle is Loving. The presence of this mantle allows the Directive to be placed and acted upon.

2000 years ago this was placed with His 12 disciples and with the group of Light Bearers present with the 12 and Jesus during those times. Jesus had issued this just before his transition and had confirmed it upon His Resurrection. At that time, after Jesus left, the 12 carried it forth and many of the blessings now present on the planet were anchored at that time by Spirit through them, through this action. This issuance now was in that issuance then also, or vice versa.

A primary aspect of the Directive was to carry the Word, to carry the Word with purpose. The Word is to be carried forth and inscribed upon the land, to the history then and to the action now. Carry the Word forth as loving, walk in loving and transform the peoples and the land, then, now and in times to come. Within this was also given a protection. This protection is not small or insignificant for it maintains in all situations, circumstances and environments and it holds in all the realms of creation into the Heart of the Beloved. All the teams of Light on the inner realms work to strengthen this protection that God’s intention may be done. For us in Spain this meant we could walk the land in ease and grace under this protection.

This was a Directive because Jesus was saying “Go forth and do this ministry. Go forth to the places needing restoration.” Restoration was the purpose. I saw this as the intercessory work that J-R has talked about. As the trip evolved I got to see different aspects of this intercessory work unfold. Our going forth was our willingness to show up and then our willingness to put one foot in front of the other and walk across the land. This was planned as a Camino and the planning took place first in Spirit and then manifested as this Spain trip. This was the Camino Del Viajero, the path or way of the Traveler.

As we traveled along the way at a pace that moves things along, the teams in Spirit were untying knots, releasing those things that were ready to be released. I noticed that columns of Light were being planted as we went. There was an inscribing taking place. This happened in Spirit and did not require our conscious awareness. This often took place as magnificent Light-Shows seen universes away. I also observed that the Light Bearers in different places around the planet added to this Light-Show. I observed a grid work of Light connecting places and people all around the planet. Some of this was others sending Light. Our friends were with us. If the crust of the earth is the earth’s skin, there are meridians of energy in the earth’s skin. Some of the grid work of Light disclosed these meridians. Our walk in Spain was affecting the whole planet.

I observed that the presence of the key-holder, the one who holds the keys to the Mystical Traveler consciousness, precipitated this and the entourage provided energy to support the action. There are many Great Ones in the entourage, perhaps all. The presence of the key-holder is a spiritual action. Yet I saw more of this in Spirit for the first time. I observed that the key-holder prompts spiritual action continuously. The teams upstairs use this physical anchor point to do mighty works in Spirit. This goes on continuously around the key-holder. This is all according to plan.

The Light Bearers with the Mystical Traveler play their part for we are all members of the Travelers school. We are classmates in the access and transmission of the spiritual teachings as they come out of the invisible to be manifest. We walk in Light and Love.

I observed and experienced, in a number of specific locations, a very specific Light action taking place. First, a mighty vortex of Light, just the way water spins going down a drain, would begin spinning and then would touch down where we were. The vortex would touch down to the physical location and begin pulling negativity up, in multi levels, regardless of past, present or future. This pulling would go on for bit and then would reverse suddenly and Light would begin pouring into the physical location and everything present there. I saw this as a sowing of seeds that would germinate, grow and bloom over time. I experienced all this taking place in around 1 to 2 minutes.

For me, I experienced these Light actions in various ways. I might get spacey. I might feel weak. Occasionally I felt dizzy and had to steady myself. I needed to sit down at times and get quiet for a moment. Sometimes I experienced inspiration, or a flood of warmth and fullness. I had moments of excitement. Many times I had no direct awareness of the spiritual action, rather I had some sensation or movement inside me.

The Directive, as I perceived it, was one of Restoration. I observed this first as Light pouring forth to repair and rehabilitate patterns that were present in the land, history and peoples there. In some way this is a forgiveness of what has taken place. The forgiveness is grace, out of grace all things are made new. First the old negative forms are forgiven, they are lifted and given back into the Beloved. Then comes reinstatement. A place is made for the original pure essence to reinstate itself. The higher frequencies of Light, Loving and Sound come in and soon joy is present.

I experienced a great deal of joy on this journey. I love my spiritual family and there is nowhere I would rather be than traveling with them. Sure, there is plenty of personality present, plenty of human weakness. I don’t let that get in the way of my loving. I just bring loving to it as it shows up. We saw so many beautiful sights and beauty is a language of God so we were well spoken. The food was absolutely amazing. The accommodations were, for the most part, incredible.

At the end of our travels we landed in Santiago de Compostela which is at the end of the Camino de Santiago. We ended in a beautiful and serene little spa hotel called Hotel Spa Felais & Chateaux A Quinta Da Auga, which is in the Galacian language. It means a place of waters or a gathering of waters. Quite appropriate right? We came as a gathering of loving. On Sept 25 we began PAT VIII, Passage Into Spirit. On Saturday Sept 30, during the time in the afternoon when John was sharing both with our training and with the DSS class, I touched back into the Light teams in Spirit.  I saw that the Directive as it had been issued for our group at the beginning was coming to completion. At this time I saw more of the whole plan.

I learned that if I am taking care of myself in a way so I can show up and be present in my loving, then what is available is limitless. This journey was very demanding physically. I was glad I was healthy and strong. I didn’t really know what intercessory work was before this. I had a vague idea. Now I know by direct experience. I learned that if I am in my loving and walk upon the land, this loving will be amplified by the teams in Spirit and their plan will be fulfilled. The Light-Shows I saw, demonstrated that while very ordinary events are taking place on this physical level, there may be awesome and mighty works in Spirit being done.

While I did call in the Light often and I did plant Light Columns sometimes, I was aware that the Light was already present and Light Columns were often planted simply by our presence. I perceived the presence of the Mystical Traveler was key in this! In the mighty works being done I saw seeds for the future like templates being laid into the fabric of the land, culture and peoples. These templates would be activated slowly over time. I observed deep transformation taking place throughout Iberia even though we may not see the results for a while. And, as I said before, this inscription in Iberia is wholly connected around the planet to other places, people and events.

I feel truly blessed by this experience! Through this experience I am more aware of my ministry being activated. I am aware that our divine line of authority is so much greater than I usually know from my very human level of awareness.  John-Roger said “Do it.” I have a deeper awareness of that now. The blessings and glory of Spirit are already present. I can do my part by getting up and walking my own personal Camino. When I am in my loving and I walk across the land, it makes a difference, a much greater difference than I am often aware of. I am so grateful.

Winston Hampton


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