I Loved the Windermere Thanksgiving [with Photos]

By: Matthew Van Fossan with Photos by Al Karalius and Karen Avalon

November 29th, 2017

I Loved the Windermere Thanksgiving [with Photos]

The barn transformed into a festive fall temple which miraculously filled with an abundant variety of delicious offerings brought by the dozens of folks who came to share in a spiritual family gathering. John-Roger and John Morton’s pictures rested prominently at the center table. After holding hands and calling ourselves forward into the Light we feasted on good food, good company, and good conversation. We were treated to heartfelt musical and prose contributions while we ate.

It’s hard for me to say what was sweeter, the desserts or the gratitude sharings that followed the meal. After all who felt called had spoken, some of the group took a gorgeous walk across the property bathed by the late-afternoon sun. Others stayed to talk or assist with tidying up.

The next day, on Black Friday, some who had treated themselves to a sleepover at Windermere met in the barn to do a thorough clean up. The Light was palpably present for the work and for the sweet leftovers lunch that followed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this possible. You know who you are.

Love and Gratitude,

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