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Light Columns for the Wild Fires in Northern California


Earlier in the week, I was called to send out an email to our Northern California MSIA Ministerial Community, and I am so glad I listened to that inner voice because there was a wonderful blessing ahead.

A few weeks ago wildfires blew through Northern California. Atlas Peak in Napa, Tubbs Fire in Calistoga, several communities in Santa Rosa, Fountain Grove, and then down through Kenwood and Glen Ellen areas.

A little group of us were called to follow the path of the fires with planting columns of Light. It was different this time, planting Light columns together in an area where I live. Our group allowed Spirit to lead us to each fire affected destination. There were times where it felt really rough to be there in the energy, with the chard smells of the land and buildings. At other times, it felt like sacred ground being prepared, and we were a small part of bringing in the renewed Spirit for the land.

It was wonderful to observe how we all had our parts to play. We simply listened to where we were called and followed Spirit’s direction. We honored the areas. We did not disturb the grounds we stood on. We planted columns of Light, and sent blessings in our own way to the land and the all the people involved. We sprinkled wildflower seeds to send a message of rebirth and regrowth, allowing healing to begin in each area.

It was a glorious day, and I believe the Light went forth to the affected areas, bringing balance to the people and each situation. We were all blessed by the Light that was shared. It was a good day.

Sharon Trieste
Napa, California


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