Top 10 Seminars from 2017

By: Lucia Doynel

November 29th, 2017

A year of seminars and meditations. Here are the most loved products from 2017 in case you missed them. Great stocking stuffers!

1. The Color Balance Meditation MP3

John-Roger guides a beautiful meditation using the various colors to help vitalize, balance, and heal. “Take in a deep breath and infuse your system with this color, see it going into the very nucleus of each cell of your body, bringing it into perfect balance. With all that color through our bodies, we just see it starting to glow into a crystal white light as these all balance.”

“We ask that this Light be taken into the inner realms of Light, and through the angels, the masters of Light, it will be given back into the earth plane to be used for the highest good of mankind.” Click here to learn more.

2. The Meditation of Discovery MP3

John Roger begins the powerful Meditation of Discovery in this way, “Let us move into the very center of your heart. I know you don’t know where it is. Follow the words,” he continues, “they’re arrows that point the way.”

J-R speaks of the focus on that warmth in the center of each of us as he would speak about nurturing a delicate flower. It is as if he is encouraging us to take our time, to expand into delicate awareness of this presence inside. He helps us expand. “Just let it go,” he says, “and become the co-creator that you are. Encompass the universe.”

From such an expanse, J-R then brings us back into the physical level, but even though we find ourselves here, we are imbued with the consciousness of universes. Click here to learn more.

3. Everyone Is a Soul Initiate MP4 (Initiates Only)

A beautiful seminar by John-Roger from the Conference 1997 Initiates meeting: “The teachings are given to you in Spirit, you cannot corrupt them because you can’t get them down here to do that. They are sacred, holy, and they are protected. When you do SE’s (spiritual exercises) you’re being shown the teachings even though you and your mind are chanting a tone and looking for a ‘thing’, the other part of you is already there getting it.” Click here to learn more.

* This downloadable product contains an MP4 video file with the option to select English or Spanish Subtitles, as well as an MP3 audio companion.

4. Luxor Meditation for Peace and Harmony MP3

This meditation was recorded in the outdoor courtyard at ancient Luxor Temple in Egypt. It is designed to awaken and expand your awareness of the spiritual dimensions inside you. Join John-Roger and 150 peace pilgrims as they chant the Hu tone. Allow the sacred vibrations to resonate, creating balance, healing, and peace. Click here to learn more.

5. The Truth Shall Set You Free MP4 (Ministers Only)

John-Roger from the 1983 Conference Minister seminar: “When you were ordained into the Divine Line of God, you were given one of the most precious gifts that can be given to you here on this planet. The second one is much greater, that is the initiation into the very Word of God as a vibration down through all levels of existence into your body.” Click here to learn more.

*This downloadable product contains an MP4 video file with the option to select English or Spanish Subtitles, as well as an MP3 audio companion.

6. Our Song of Love & Ani-Hu Chant MP3

One of MSIA’s foundational recordings, OUR SONG OF LOVE & ANI-HU Chant is digitally re-mastered, and replaces the old cassette version. You’ll be touched by the loving energy pouring from J-R in OUR SONG OF LOVE and by the rich stereo sound that plays along with J-R’s voice. The ANI-HU chant has been doubled in length. ANI is an ancient word that invokes the quality of empathy, and HU is an ancient name for God. It can be chanted individually or with a group, as it is intended for both personal and public use. Click here to learn more.

7. Building Platforms in Higher Consciousness and Clearing Thought Forms MP3

Now available for the first time in nearly 40 years, this is a powerful seminar  with exercises led by John-Roger to practice and experience the seminar information. He describes how thought forms are created and how we can disperse them using the Light. “The way to break a thought form is to send Light into it, just shoot it out of your own consciousness because that’s where you’re building it, is out of your consciousness. This is an essence for soul travel, this ability.”  As an added bonus, the exercises in this unique seminar  are followed by a question and answers session with John-Roger. Click here to learn more.

8. Spiritual Intercessory Work MP3 (For SAT Subscribers Only)

With the artfulness of the master storyteller, John-Roger transports us through time and space with this seminar, recorded at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. Quoting excerpts from the Book of Daniel and using other Biblical references, he speaks of ancient and contemporary wars in the Middle East that are mere reflections of the wars taking place in the metaphysical realms. J-R explains the intercessory work being done at this time in human history by the Peace Awareness Training participants traveling with him.

“We’re not interceding as much as we’re attempting to pray, to put Light, to put love into the area,” he says, “to off-set, balance or cancel out the work of the prince of the power of the air. Which would be Satan or the devil. Somebody asked Jesus, ‘What is it that I can do?’ And He says, ‘Well, love God with your body, mind and Soul, and your neighbor as yourself and when you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me.’ “

If you’re interested in joining the intercessory work needed in this day, this seminar will inform and motivate you. Click here to learn more.

9. Upgrading Our Addictions to God MP3 (For SAT Subscribers Only)

The title says it all. If you want to let go of control or any addictions, this seminar is for you. Click here to learn more.

10. The Sacred Sanctuary MP3

Using guided imagery, The Sacred Sanctuary process takes you on a fascinating inner journey that allows you to tap into your innate wisdom and access more of your Divinity. This MP3 is a valuable resource you can use again and again to expand your awareness and create more of what you want in your life.

The meditation is guided by John Morton. Click here to learn more.

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