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Switzerland & Italy Traveler Tour 2018
[with Photos]

You’re invited to Heaven on Earth

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling to approximately 50 countries. Switzerland and Italy for me rank up there with some of the most enjoyable destinations to visit. When John and Leigh let me know they wanted to create the “Heaven on Earth” tour(s) in 2018 to Switzerland and Italy, I knew it had the potential to be a very special PTS experience. When you can combine outer physical beauty with an inner spiritual focus, it’s hard to beat the combination.

In July this year, my husband Phil Danza and I, along with Veronique Sandoz, Daniel Feuerstein, John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton traveled to Switzerland and Italy to scout the tour.  Later Phil and I went onto the Amalfi Coast and Capri. All together we visited around 30 hotels, numerous sites and tours, along with some amazing train excursions.

On the tours, although there are group activities planned, we also designed this trip to be one in which people would have more free time in these amazing locations to hike, socialize, do SE’s, commune with nature or visit some areas on their own. And, of course we will have time for group SE’s and sharing with John.

First Trip to Switzerland and Italy

On the first leg of the tour, we’ll be starting in Geneva.  The scout trip was my first time seeing this beautiful city, and I was surprised at all it offers tourists.  We’ll be staying near Lake Geneva with its famous spout, a block from where numerous tours and boat trips launch, and within walking distance to the old town. Geneva is a great location for Light work, as so many International government and UN offices are located there. I’d highly recommend anyone coming on the tour, if possible, to arrive a day or two early as there is so much to see and do here.

From Geneva the tour heads to the French Alps. Some of the highest mountains in the alps are located near Chamonix, our next stop.  There will be opportunities to take a cable car ride up Mont Blanc or visit nearby ice caves, among other adventures.

Next up is Zermatt and the famous Matterhorn. When you see it in person, it does have an other worldly charm and almost seems fake it is so magnificent.  The trains that take you up to the best views, allow for hiking part-way or all the way back down, as the trains stop at various locations. During one of my former visits here with J-R, he pointed out the etheric temples. There is more going on here energetically than is outwardly obvious.

Between Zermatt and St Moritz we plan to take the Glacier Express.  It’s an 8 hour train ride through some of Switzerland’s most scenic alps in train cars specially designed to show off the views.  You can sit back and relax in comfort, ordering food and drink and watch a very beautiful part of the world go by. I thought maybe 8 hours was too long a train ride, but the scenery was so stunning it was easy to be entertained.

St Moritz, our next stop, is an upscale Switzerland village designed for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer with numerous cable cars to take you up the mountains or just visiting the lake. Where we will be staying it’s possible to choose from a number of activities including biking, hiking, upscale shops or just relaxing at the included spa facilities. We found the included spa facilities extra special here.

From St Moritz we plan to take another famous train ride on the Bernina Express from Switzerland to Italy. From there we will be traveling to Lake Como. For years, the clients I’d send to Lake Como would rave about it. By the time our group left Lake Como we all agreed it was one of our favorite stops, and I finally understood why everyone likes it so much.  There is something about the lake, the mountains, the wonderful hotels, the Italian food, the ferries to various villages that just makes this place special! So we planned more time here to allow the group to really enjoy the place.

And lastly the first tour ends in Milan, another marvelous city to visit. The artwork, the Duomo, the high end fashion that is fun to look at, the food and the history make this a uniquely enjoyable place to complete the first part of the tour.

John-Roger Legacy Tour

The first part is followed by a more intimate tour that includes Rome, Amalfi Coast and Capri which is also a benefit to the John-Roger Legacy Fund.  In Rome we plan to visit the Vatican and do some Light work there. Those who participate in part one can continue on with this special two night extension to Rome.

From Rome we travel to the famous Amalfi Coast. One of the most popular destinations in Italy is the Amalfi Coast area.  And there is good reason for that. The cute small villages built up and down the hills, the cliffs dropping off to the ocean, the famous curving Amalfi Coast road, the Italian food and ambiance, the gardens of lemon trees, the famous Italian pottery, the boats and ferries and well I could go on and on.

John wanted to recreate a trip we did with J-R one year going to the Amalfi Coast and Capri. That trip with J-R was my first introduction to the area and it stayed in my mind ever since. There are many great hotels here. We picked one that allows stunning views from the top of the cliff over the sea and up and down the coast, while also allowing via elevator access to the water below along with restaurants and a pool near the water’s edge.

Although the itinerary is still being worked out, there is opportunity to visit nearby Pompeii, a 2000 year old city that was preserved under a sea of ash when the Vesuvius volcano last erupted. There are several nearby villages such as Amalfi, Positano and Ravello which are in reach by a short walk, boat ride, ferry or taxi.

After the Amalfi Coast we sail to the island of Capri where we stay in a magnificent hotel with stunning cliffside sea views, self grown organic produce and an infinity pool looking out over the sea. At night the lights from Sorrento reflects beautifully onto the water.  Our stay on Capri includes opportunity to visit the famous Blue Grotto, cruise or fish the Mediterranean Sea, view the remnants of the original Roman villas, stroll through nearby gardens or just enjoy all the restaurants, shopping or trails all over the island. It’s easy to get around in the cute open air convertible taxis or small local buses.

In all locations we plan to do some special sharings and group SE’s with John.  If you’d like a more intimate tour with plenty of time for sharing in some of the most sought after locations in the World, then this trip is for you! We hope you’ll join us on this special John-Roger Legacy Italy Tour.

The Alps along with where we plan to visit in Italy are some of the most sought after places to visit in the world.  We encourage early registration to ensure that you can join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Hope you can come and enjoy these locations as much as we did on the scout trips, and I’m sure it will be even better once our friends join us!

To sign up for either of the above tours please contact Melissa Ward at PTS:
$3000 Deposit will hold your space
Switzerland / Italy Tour: $12,500 Sept 15-Sept 29
Italian Legacy Tour: $12,500 Sept 29-Oct 7
Questions on AirTravel to/from, insurance, or location questions contact:
Brooke at 

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